A-23AMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.                Digimatic data cable specications (Dimensions)Gage connector dimensions(A)(E)(B)(F)(C)(FB)(CR)(FR)(D)(G)(1) No.06ADV380A(2) No.05CZA624 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790A (Standard) No.05CZA625 (2m) No.02AZE140A (FSW)(1) No.06ADV380E(2) No.937387 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790E (Standard) No.965013 (2m) No.02AZE140E (FSW)(1) No.06ADV380B(2) No.05CZA662 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790B (Standard) No.05CZA663 (2m) No.02AZE140B (FSW)(1) No.06ADV380F(2) No.905338 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790F (Standard) No.905409 (2m) No.02AZE140F (FSW)(1) No.06ADV380C(2) No.959149 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790C (Standard) No.959150 (2m) No.02AZE140C (FSW)(1) No applicable models(2) No.905689 (1m)(3) No applicable models No.905690 (2m)(1) No applicable models(2) No.04AZB512 (1m)(3) No applicable models No.04AZB513 (2m) (1) No applicable models(2) No.905691 (1m)(3) No applicable models No.905692 (2m) (1) No.06ADV380D(2) No.936937 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790D (Standard) No.965014 (2m) No.02AZE140D (FSW)(1) No.06ADV380G(2) No.21EAA194 (1m)(3) No.02AZD790G (Standard)  No.21EAA190 (2m) No.02AZE140G (FSW)812520ø4.39ø4.3179.518.727.815DATA22.3ø4.19.819.313.951A 05CZA624(1m) 05CZA625(2m)26.9ø4.114.419.311.115B 05CZA662(1m) 05CZA663(2m)ø4.224.57.817.813.451DATAC 959149(1m) 959150(2m)ø4.231.52071234531.5ø10.5ø4.2123456E 937387(1m) 965013(2m)22813ø4.251F 905338(1m) 905409(2m)ø4.220.5133281415FR 905691(1m) 905692(2m)ø4.220.5828.514101315FB 905689(1m) 905690(2m)(FL) and (FR) is symmetrical and the same size.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control software


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