L-25LContracerHigh precision + high functionality + high operability = Contracer Mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Optional Accessories for ContracerLubricant•Apply in a thin layer regularly to the Z-column sliding surfaces of a motorized model.(Standard accessory for the motorized column type models)Order No. 352637Leveling tableV-block stage 2 (A set of two)Maximum supportable diameter: 25mmMass: 700gNo.181-902-10V-block with clamp•Can be mounted on the cross-travel table.No.998291Precision viseNo.178-019•Can be mounted on the cross-travel table.Cross-travel table•Equipped with micrometer heads on the X and Y axes. Best suited for the alignment of axes since the inclination adjustment center and the rotation center are the same.Centering chuck (knurled ring operated)•Suitable for holding small parts with easy-to-operate knurled-ring clamping. No.211-032Micro chuck•Used for clamping work-pieces smaller than ø1 mm that the centering chuck cannot hold. No.211-031Code No.Digimatic: 178-042-1Digimatic: 178-049venier: 178-043-1Dimensions of table (W×D)130×100mmMaximum table loading15kgInclination range±1.5°—±1.5°Rotation range±3°—±3°X- and Y-axes range±12.5mmResolution/Graduation0.001mm0.01mmExternal dimensions (W×D×H)262×233×83mm262×233×55mm220×189×83mmMass6.3kg5kg6kgFixing methodTwo-slide jawJaw opening36mmJaw width44mmJaw depth16mmTotal height38mmWorkpiece diameter(using both V-grooves)ø1 to 7mmø6 to 160mmCode No.178-016Dimensions of table130×100mmInclination range±1.5°Maximum table loading15kgExternal dimensions (W×D×H)130×100×40mmMass3kgHolding capacityOD with internal jaws ø1-ø36mmID with internal jaws ø16-ø69mmOD with external jaws ø25-ø79mmExternal dimensions (D×H)ø118×41mmMass1.2kgHolding capacityOD ø0.2-ø1.5mmExternal dimensions (D×H)ø107×48.5mmMass0.6kgFor information on the three-axis adjustment table (No.178-047)For the high-accuracy surface roughness measurement of a cylindrical workpiece, it is necessary to set the workpiece line axis parallel with the measurement axis and to adjust the leveling. Using the three-axis adjustment table facilitates the adjustment of the alignment and leveling necessary just by following the guidance supplied by the machine. No experience or intuition is required.


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