L-6LMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Optional Accessories for Surftest SJ-210/310 • Digimatic connecting cable ・Connecting cable 1m: No.936937 ・Connecting cable 2m: No.965014This program can be downloaded for free from the Mitutoyo website. USB cable is required.• USB communication cable for SJ-210: No.12AAL068• USB communication cable for SJ-310/410*: No.12AAD510• USB communication cable for SJ-500/SV-2100*: No.12AAH490 *Equivalent to Type AB for the communication between the device and hostSystem environments supporting the operation• OS: Windows XP-SP3 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 • Spreadsheet software: Microsoft Excel 2000 Microsoft Excel 2007 Microsoft Excel 2002 Microsoft Excel 2010 Microsoft Excel 2003 Microsoft Excel 2013Spreadsheet softwareInput tool* U-WAVE*Digimatic connecting cableKeyboard signalsImproves measurement efficiency by allowing the setup of multiple workpieces of the same type and the positioning of hard-to-access features of a workpiece.*Not available for the transverse tracing drive unitSetting attachments* • Attachment for the measurement of cylinder shaft directionThe V-width is adjustable to the cylinder diameter, facilitating axial measurement of a wide range of cylinder diameters.• Applicable diameter: ø5 to 150mmNo.178-033  • Attachment for interrupted surface measurementBest suited for measurement of the flat surface of a workpiece that has partial indentations and steps and that is hard to set the drive unit. Combination use with the magnet type specimen holder (Option: No.12AAA910) further improves the ease of operation.No.178-034  • Attachment for measuring inside bores and holesGreatly facilitates measurement of internal wall surfaces of, for example, cylinder-block bores.• Applicable diameter: ø75 to 95mm• Accessible depth: 30 to 135mmNo.178-035 Assessed profiles and calculation results and curves can be printed out by connecting the SJ-210-dedicated printer, which is palm sized (W×D×H: 93×125×70mm) and can run on an internal battery.Printer for SJ-210Measurement data from the SJ-210/310/410 series can be imported into FORMTRACEPAK running on a desktop type surface roughness tester via an optional memory card to perform a more advanced analysis if required.Surface Roughness / Contour Analysis SoftwareFORMTRACEPAKUsing this tool, measurement data from the Surftest SJ series can be instantly imported into commercially-available spreadsheet software through a USB or PS-2 keyboard socket on a PC. Refer to the Catalog (No.4279) for more details.Input tool for measurement data input unitsIt is possible to process Digimatic data output from the Surftest SJ series with the DP-1VR. This compact, hand-held device can provide printouts of measurement data and various statistical analyses results such as histograms, D-charts, and X bar R control charts.Digimatic mini-processorThe communication function, one of the features of SJ-210/310/410/500 and the SV-2100 series, allows data transfer to spreadsheet software. The program can also create an inspection certificate using macros in Microsoft Excel.*Only for the dedicated control unit typeIntroduction of the specied communication program for Surftest SJ-210/310/410 series, 500, SV-2100 • Input tool ・USB keyboard signal conversion model IT-012U: No.264-012-10 USB-ITN-D (Direct type): No.06ADV380D■ Power supply can be selected. (AC adapter or battery pack)■ Printable items: Measurement conditions, calculation results, assessed profile, bearing area curve (BAC), amplitude distribution curve (ADC), GO/NG judgment• Printer for SJ-210(Provided with the connecting cable and printer paper (×6 packs)) No.178-421• Printer paperStandard type (x5 packs): No.270732High-durability type (x5 packs): No.12AAA876• Digimatic mini-processor DP-1VR No.264-504 • Digimatic connecting cable ・Connecting cable 1m: No.936937 ・Connecting cable 2m: No.965014* Refer to pages A-7 to A-9 for details of U-WAVE.* Refer to pages A-5 to A-6 for details of the input tool.Note: The symbol ‘µm’ is not printable, but measurement results can still be printed out without setting the measurement unit.


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