K-14KMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.•The X, Y, and Z position data is detected from the measurement data gathered by the Quick Vision system and the arithmetic processing of coordinates and dimensions is performed immediately. "QV EasyEditor" is equipped as standard, and enables simple editing of part programs.This is the most powerful software that can be created by combining QV EasyEditor, which does not require specialized knowledge, and QV Basic Editor, which provides the full functions that satisfy software developers.This software enables users to simply correct errors occurring during program execution as well as to edit, insert, and delete part programs with ease, which reduces errors caused by variations of workpieces and man-hours for program revision associated with design change.Features of QVPAK (QV EasyEditor)Application software (Options)• QV PartManagerThe QV PartManager is an execution program management software for multiple workpieces arranged on the measuring stage.Form assessment/analysis software • FORMTRACEPAK-APVerication of designed value and form analysis are performed on the basis of the contour data obtained via the QV auto trace tool, non-contact displacement sensor, PFF, and WLI. • FORMTRACEPAK-PROThis software performs 3D form analysis from the data obtained via the non-contact displacement sensor of the QV Hybrid series. • QV3DPAKThis software generates 3D forms from the PFF (Point Form Focus) or WLI (White Light Interferometer) data.Measurement support software• QV3DCAD-OnLineThis software creates QVPAK measurement procedure programs with use of 3D CAD data. This allows users to reduce program creation man-hour and shorten lead times.• QV-CAD I/FThis software displays CAD data in the graphic window to improve measurement operability.Off-line teaching software • EASYPAG PROThis software creates QVPAK measurement procedure programs using 2D CAD data. This allows users to reduce program creation man-hours and shorten lead times.Test chart software/Statistical processing software• MeasureReportQVThis software creates an inspection report from the QV measurement results.• MeasurLinkThis software allows for statistical arithmetic processing of measurement results.External control software• QVEioThis is a client application software that can externally control QVPAK or provide the operating status of QVPAK by connecting a PLC or remote software on an external PC. This software can be used for connecting an automatic transfer robot to a signal tower. Data Processing Software for QUICK VISIONQVPAKRefer to the QUICK VISION (Catalog No.E14007) for more details.


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