J-19JMicroscopesMicroscope lineups that systemize observation, measurement and processingMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.QM-Data200(stand type)QM-Data200SERIES 264 — 2-D Data Processing Unit•2-D Data Processor designed to perform arithmetic processing of XY coordinate data acquired from projectors and measuring microscopes, for local display or output to a printer.•Informative color graphic displays on the large LCD screen make for easy measurement operations.•One-key operation for combined measurements (circle-circle distance, etc.).•The AI measurement function (automatic identication of measuring item) eliminates switching between the measurement command keys.•Equipped with a measurement procedure teaching function and measuring position navigation in Repeat mode.•The user menu function allows the user to register measurement commands or part programs to create custom menus.•Tolerance zone testing of data processing results and various statistical processing routines for each item are available.•Measurement result output to “MS-Excel”* in spreadsheet (CSV) format.*Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.•Part programs and calculation results can be saved on a USB-compatible memory device.•Two models are available: a stand-alone type with tilt system, and a exible arm type that can be mounted on a Prole Projector. Refer to the QM-Data200 and Vision Unit(Catalog No.E14008) for more details.SPECIFICATIONSModel No.QM-Data200Order No.Standard typeFlexible arm typeStandard type264-155*1264-156*1264-159*1Applicable models(Conventional models)*2PJ-A3000 series PJ-H30 series PV-5110 PH-3515FPH-A14 MF seriesMF-U seriesPJ-A3000 series PJ-H30 series PV-5110 PH-3515FPH-A14  HyperMF/MF-UUnit of measurementLength: mm Angle: Switchable between decimal degree and sexagesimal notationResolution0.1μm0.01μmProgram functionCreating, performing, and editing of the measurement proceduresStatistical processingNumber of data, maximum value, minimum value, mean value, standard deviation, range, histogram Statistics classied by each measurement function (Statistics classied by each command)Display unitColor graphic LCD (equipped with a backlight)ABS point—Available (Automatic movement)LAF (Laser AF)—AvailableEdge sensor position correctionAvailable (Prole Projectors with OPTOEYE)—Input/outputXYZ: Data input from linear scales (Maximum number of axes: 3)RS-232C■1 : Connection to an external PCRS-232C■2 : Connection to a measuring unit counterOPTOEYE: Connection to an OPTOEYE edge signal (OPTOEYE 200)FS: For the connection to the foot switchPRINTER: For the connection to an external printerUSB-MEMORY: For the connection to a USB memoryMeasurement result le outputRS-232C output (CSV format, MUX-10 format)Display language16 languages (Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Cheskey, Chinese (simplied/traditional), Korean, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian)Power supply100 - 240V ACMaximum power consumption17W (excluding optional accessories)External dimensions (W×H×D)260×242×310mm (including the stand section)318×153×275mm (when the arm is horizontal)260×242×310mm (including the stand section)MassApprox. 2.9kgApprox. 2.8kgApprox. 2.9kgStandard AccessoriesAC adapter, Power cable, Quick Operation Guide*1: To denote your AC power cable add the following sufxes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, E for BS, K for KC,C and No sufx are required for PSE, and 00 for power cord other than A, D, E, K, C, No sufx.*2: Please contact Mitutoyo ofce with respect to the models that are applicable to the models other than mentioned above.


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