G-3GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Gage Heads / Display UnitsGage HeadsMeasuring rangeResolution 5mm / .2"10mm / .4"25mm / .1"0.00001mm(0.01μm)Laser HologagePage G-19542-925,542-926542-927,542-928(Low measuring force)Page G-19 and G-20LGH seriesPage G-17542-715542-716Page G-17 and G-180.0001mm(0.1μm)LGB series (nut clamp)Page G-9LGK seriesPage G-5LGF series Page G-16542-246Refer to page G-9542-158542-181Page G-5 and G-16542-182Page G-16Long Stroke series (Motor-drive type)Page G-11 and G-120.0005mm(0.5μm)LGK seriesPage G-5LGF series Page G-6542-171542-157Page G-5 and G-6542-172Page G-60.001mm(1μm)LGK seriesPage G-5LGF series • 0.5μm high-resolution typePage G-6542-156542-161Page G-5 and G-6542-162Page G-6LGB series (ø8mm Straight)Page G-8542-204Refer to page G-8542-222, 542-222H (High-precision) 542-223 (air drive)542-224 (Low measuring force) 542-230 (air drive)Page G-8Long Stroke series (Motor-drive type)Refer to page G-11 and G-12LGB series (nut clamp)Page G-9542-244Refer to page G-9542-262542-262H (High accuracy)542-264 (Low measuring force)542-270 (Air drive)Page G-90.005mm(5μm)LGF seriesPage G-6542-612Page G-60.0005mm(0.5μm)LGF series Series with reference point markPage G-7542-174Page G-7542-175Page G-70.001mm(1μm)LGF series Series with reference point markPage G-7542-164Page G-7542-165Page G-70.01mm(10μm)LGD seriesPage G-13575-326Page G-13575-327Page G-13LGS seriesPage G-15575-303Page G-15


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