A-12AMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice. Create Microsoft Excel input procedures with USB-ITPAK V2.0 to handle data from U-WAVE or the USB Input Tool DirectMeasurement applications of USB-ITPAK V2.0 (Three examples of how USB-ITPAK V2.0 can be deployed are shown below)Sequential measurementMeasurement values are input one by one according to a procedure previously defined by using one or morel Digimatic gages (via UIT-016U/USB-ITN or U-WAVE).Simultaneous measurement Measurement values are input simultaneously from several Digimatic gages (via IT-016U/USB-ITN, U-WAVE)(Measurement example – see gure at right) (3) Inspect external view to check if there are any scratches or color shading and input “OK” or “NG”.HYX (2) Measure length H of 5 workpieces. USB hub (Commercial item)(Measurement examples)Simultaneous measurement of the heights A to D on the workpiece below.Notes on using USB-ITPAK:Do not merge the cells in the specied range as a measurement data input.During measurement, the Microsoft Excel worksheet cannot be modied in any way apart from entering data. If you need to modify the sheet, it is necessary to abort or nish the measurement. USB-ITN-C × 2USB-FSW × 2 pcs. +Foot switch × 2 pcs.Data requestData cancelHeightABCDUSB-ITN-CCharacter stringsInput “OK”Character stringsInput “NG”Data request*Data cancelUSB-FSW × 4 pcs. +Foot switch × 4 pcs.USB hub (Commercial item)The last data input may be cancelled by pressing and holding the data switch*No data request for U-WAVE.Several operators input measurement data asynchronously according to individually defined procedures (where to input, move direction, etc.) from each Digimatic gage via IT-016U/USB-ITN or U-WAVE.Individual measurement(Measurement example)Two operators measure 6 workpieces (three each, both working at the same time)USB-FSW x 4 pcs. + Foot switch x 4 pcs.Data requestData cancelBACWorkpiece Nos. 1 to 3Workpiece Nos. 4 to 6Operator 1USB-ITN-CU-WAVE-TOperator 2U-WAVE-RU-WAVE-T × 2 pcs.A special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive) is required. (Refer to A-9.)The last data input may be cancelled by pressing and holding the data switchU-WAVE-R (1) Measure outside diameter at X and Y of 5 workpieces with a micrometer.U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-RUSB hub (Commercial item)ABCDEFG1Setting1234562Dimension A10.0210.039.9610.1510.2310.043Dimension B9.9810.0110.079.999.784Dimension C10.1510.149.9610.27Cell that will receive next inputCell that will receive next inputOperator 1Operator 2First measurement (nished)Second measurement (nished)Third measurement (nished)Fourth measurement (Wait for next input)ABCDE1Height AHeight BHeight CHeight D215.028.039.966.03324.988.0210.015.99434.978.0410.075.965465Microsoft Excel sheet previously speciedInput range of micrometer (B2 to F3)Input range of caliper (B4 to F4)Input range of visual judgment (B5 to F5)Cell that will receive next input is highlighted in greenCell movement direction after inputting data (down and right)Carriage return (Low, column)ABCDEF1Setting123452Dimension X10.02510.0339.96410.03110.0463Dimension Y9.98210.01710.0089.99610.0274Dimension H29.9730.0230.0729.9630.045ExternalAppearanceOKOKNGWhen a measuring procedure is executed, a window (as below) is displayed. “Data request*”, “Data cancel*”, “Data skip*”, “Aborting”, “Complete” can be specied.* These operations can be allocated to the function key or foot switch (via USB-FSW). Since several individual operators perform measurement simultaneously, an operation key and a function key in the window below cannot be used at the same time. The only effective input device in this case is the foot switch (via USB-FSW).


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