E-32EMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.• Measuring capability: Rectangular Gauge Blocks; Square Gauge Blocks (requires dedicated holder - optional accessory)• Measuring method: Differential measurement between upper and lower gaging heads (dual head system)Gauge Block Comparator GBCD-250 SERIES 565 — Manual Comparator with Dual Gage HeadsSPECIFICATIONSMetricRangeResolutionAccuracy (Condence level 95%) Comparison measurement of the same nominal lengthAccuracy (Condence level 95%) Dimensional deviations between standard gauge block and measurement gauge block: ±3mm0.1mm - 250mm0.00001mm (0.01µm)±(0.03+0.3L/1000)µm* L = Gauge block length (mm) ±(0.03+0.3L/1000)µm* L = Gauge block length (mm) Upper gage head Lower gaging headOperating conditionsTypeMeasuring forceContact pointTypeMeasuring forceContact point Laser Hologage0.7NCarbide contact point of radius 20mmLaser Hologage0.2NCarbide contact point of radius 5mmTemperature: 20°C ±1°C Humidity: 58%RH ±15%RH* Uncertainty of measurement at the 95% condence level (not including the calibration error of the reference gauge block).Note: To denote your AC power cable add the following sufxes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, K for KC, No sufx is required for JIS/100VAn inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.


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