D-8DMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.FunctionsAbsolute measurement: After power is turned ON, measurement can be started without zero-setting if origin-setting was previously performed. The Absolute origin position can be changed by the ORIGIN button.Incremental measurement: Display can be set to zero at any arbitrary position for comparative measurementsLow-voltage alert: If the battery voltage becomes low, a “B” appears in the display to alert the user before measurement is no longer possible. A battery change advisory alert precedes this alert.Data output: By using the connecting cable (option), measurement data can be output.Data hold: By using the data hold unit (option), the displayed value can be held. This cannot be used with the data output function.SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeAccuracy**MassDepth barFine adjustmentRemarks500-150-300 - 100mm±0.02mm137ø1.9mm rodwith thumb roller—500-180-30*—500-151-300 - 150mm162Blade with thumb roller500-154-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-155-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-158-30ø1.9mm rod—500-181-30*Blade—500-152-300 - 200mm 192with thumb roller500-156-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-157-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-182-30*——500-1530 - 300mm±0.03mm350with thumb roller* Without SPC data output* Not including quantizing error of ±1 count in LSDInch/MetricOrder No.RangeAccuracy**MassDepth barFine adjustmentRemarks500-170-300 - 4"±.001"/±0.02mm137.075" rodwith thumb roller—500-195-30*500-171-300 - 6"162Blade500-174-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-175-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-178-30.075" rod—500-196-30*Blade500-159-30*Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-160-30*Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-172-300 - 8"192—500-176-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-177-30Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-197-30*—500-163-30*Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-164-30*Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-1730 - 12"±.0015"/±0.03mm350—500-167Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-168Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-193*—500-165*—Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-166*Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement* Without SPC data output* Not including quantizing error of ±1 count in LSDDIMENSIONS Unit: mmRangeABCDHL0-100mm16.52114.540161820-150mm16.52114.540162330-200mm2024.51850162900-300mm2227.519.86420404Jaw thickness: 3.5mm for 0-100mm/0-150mm/0-200mm models and 3.8mm for 0-300mm modelABCDHLHDCBAL10200901001501501009002010with thumb roller


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