B-48BMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Blade Micrometers SERIES 422, 122 — Non-Rotating Spindle Type • The anvil and spindle are blade-shaped for measuring the groove diameter of shafts, keyways, and other hard-to-reach features. • Carbide-tipped measuring faces are also available.• Non-rotating spindle type.• Equipped with Ratchet Stop for constant measuring force.Quickmike Type (LCD)422-411122-101Inch/Metric Quickmike typeOrder No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*RemarkDigimatic (LCD)422-4210 - 1.2".00005"/0.001mm±.00015"Type A* Excluding quantizing errorInchOrder No.RangeGraduationAccuracyRemarkAnalog122-1250 - 1".0001"±.00015"Type A122-1261" - 2"122-1272" - 3"122-1283" - 4"±.0002"122-1350 - 1"±.00015"Type B122-151Type DInch/Metric Order No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*RemarkDigimatic (LCD)422-330-300 -1".0005"/0.001mm±.00015"Type A422-331-301" -2"422-332-302" -3"422-333-303" -4"±.0002"422-360-300 -1"±.00015"Type B422-361-301" -2"422-370-300 -1"Type C422-371-30Type D* Excluding quantizing errorSPECIFICATIONSMetric Order No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*RemarkDigimatic (LCD)422-230-300 - 25mm0.001mm±3µmType A422-231-3025 - 50mm422-232-3050 - 75mm422-233-3075 - 100mm±4µm422-260-300 - 25mm±3µmType B422-261-3025 - 50mm422-270-300 - 25mmType C422-271-30Type D* Excluding quantizing errorMetric Quickmike typeOrder No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*RemarkDigimatic (LCD)422-4110 - 30mm0.001mm±3µmType A422-41225 - 55mm* Excluding quantizing errorMetricOrder No.RangeGraduationAccuracyRemarkAnalog122-1010 - 25mm0.01mm±3µmType A122-10225 - 50mm122-10350 - 75mm122-10475 - 100mm±4µm122-105100 - 125mm122-106125 - 150mm122-107150 - 175mm±5µm122-108175 - 200mm122-109200 - 225mm122-110225 - 250mm±6µm122-115250 - 275mm122-116275 - 300mm122-1110 - 25mm0.01mm±3µmType B122-11225 - 50mmAnalog (With carbide tip)122-1610 - 25mm0.01mm±3µmType C122-16225 - 50mm122-1410 - 25mm0.01mmType D122-14225 - 50mmNotes: 1) A heat shield is provided with Digimatic models and 422-230-30 as standard. Technical DataParallelism3µm for models up to 75mm.00015” for models up to 3”(3+R/100)µm for models over 75mm.0002” for models over 3” R = max. range (mm)fraction rounded upType and Dimensions Type AType BType C (carbide-tipped)Type D (carbide-tipped)Battery for series 422SR44 (1 pc), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)Battery life:Approx. 2.4 years under normal use (for series 422-2XX, 3XX)Approx. 1 year under normal use (for series 422-4XX)Length standard:Electromagnetic rotary sensor (for series 422-2XX, 3XX)Electrostatic capacity absolute sensor (for series 422-4XX)Standard accessories: Reference bar, 1 pc(except for measuring range 0-25mm/0-30mm (0-1"/0-1.2") models)Spanner (301336), 1 pc (for series 122-1XX, 422-2XX, 3XX)Optional accessories Connecting cables for digital models 1m: 05CZA662 2m: 05CZA663 USB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN-B (2m): 06ADV380B Connecting cables for U-WAVE-T (digital models) 02AZD790B (160mm) For foot switch: 02AZE140BConnecting cables for Quickmike type 1m: 937387 2m: 965013USB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN-E (2m): 06ADV380EConnecting cables for U-WAVE-T (Quickmike type) 02AZD790E 160mm For foot switch: 02AZE140E Refer to page B-68 for details. Unit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mm6.5ø60.75R860.750.4R836.56ø6ø60.7571160°660°ø60.4486Digimatic (LCD)422-230-30


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