N-24Mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.NScreen setups and features3D viewFull-color graphics show:∙ Measuring machine details∙ CAD model with tolerances∙ Measurement points and measurement paths∙ Measurement animationsProperties viewYou can change the names of parameters,tolerance items and measurementpoints, and edit measurement points forindividual parameters.Program view∙ Shows measurement details and measurement estimation times.∙ Enables animation of measurement programs in 3D.∙ Shows lists such as measurement parameters and tolerances.∙ Lets you flag measurements and assessments using check boxes.∙ The parameters are set in the order of the measurements.∙ You can easily change the order of measurements by dragging and dropping parameters using a mouse.Plan view•MiCAT Planner screen setups offer simple interfaces such as 3D view and plain view, thereby enabling intuitive operation. The placement and window sizes of the interfaces can be freely customized.Case studyCompare the measurement part-programming time for a test piece. 1: Programming in 2D drawing: 45-60 minutes2: Programming using 2D drawing + 3D CAD: 15-20 minutes3: Create with MiCAT Planner (using 3D CAD model + PMI): approx. 3 minutes!Note: The measurement rules are defined in advance. Part-programming timeReduced by up to 95% !!Guarantee a dramatically reduced development phase and at the same time improve product quality.Supports MCOSMOSTolerance information add functionSupported languagesSupported CAD formatsMCOSMOS 4.0R5 or higher* To use a measuring program created by the MiCAT Planner you will need a special "right to execute". A "right to execute" for one 3D measuring machine is included in the MiCAT Planner.Lets you add tolerances in the software even for 3D CAD models containing no tolerance information. Automatically create optimal measuring programs based on the added tolerance specifications.Available in 9 languages (Japanese, English (US, UK), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (simplified) and Korean.)CAD formatExtensionExtensionACIS.satR1-R25 (PM unsupported) UG/NX *1.prt11-18, NX1-9Creo Parametric (Pro/E)※1.prt/ .prt.*16-Wildre5, Creo 1.0-2.0 CATIA v5 *1.CATPARTR8 – R24 (V5 – 6R2014) *1 Option (either one is included as standard)Note: the model requires that you have the solid model. Assembly data is not supported.


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