N-19Coordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology with three dimensionsMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.NScanning probeNon-contact probeProbe for roughness measurementMPP-310Q/MPP-310SP80High accuracy scanning probe (long stylus supported)A highly accurate and long stylus up to 500mm (both horizontally and vertically) can be installed. This ultra-high precision scanning probe allows data collection by the scanning measurement, the ultra-high precision point measurement and the center alignment point measurement.SP25MCompact high accuracy type scanning probeThis compact, high accuracy type scanning probe has ø25mm outside diameter. The multi-functioning scanning probe performs data collection by the scanning measurement, the ultra-high precision point measurement and the center alignment point measurement. The probe can be attached to a probe head (PH10M/10MQ) to automatically change the orientation allowing for more flexible measurements.Ultra-high accuracy and low measuring force scanning probeThe ultra-high precision scanning probe adapts for directional movement. The compact size of this probe is ideal for low measuring force and high speed scanning. Data collection can be performed by the scanning measurement, ultra-high precision point measurement and the center alignment measurement. MPP-10REVOProbe for effective thread-depth measurementThis is the only probe in the world that is dedicated for effective screw depth used with a CNC CMM. The probe can also attach to the probe head (PH10M/10MQ) to changing the orientation to measure bores in various directions.High speed 5-axis scanning headThis high speed scanning head delivers high accuracy measurement while delivering high-throughput. The use of a stylus increases flexibility up to 500mm and makes measuring 5-axis with simultaneous control and non-step indexing possible.CF20SurfaceMeasure606SurfaceMeasure606TCentering microscope for CMMsThis centering microscope can measure small holes or elastic bodies that are very difficult to measure using a contact type probe such as the touch-trigger probe. A CMM can be used as a large microscope. QVPQUICK VISION probe This CNC CMM Quick Vision Probe utilizes Mitutoyo's technology in a vision measuring machine for totally-automated video measurement.SurfaceMeasure606/606T/1010SURFTEST PROBENon-contact type laser probeThis compact, high accuracy, non-contact type laser probe is designed for use with CNC CMMs. The scanning probe automatically adjusts to workpiece surface characteristics to deliver highly efficient measurements. Automatic laser intensity and camera sensitivity adjust according to the environment and the workpiece material, for simpler and more comfortable laser scanning. Improvements to the probe have increased the measurement speed and accuracy without interference.Probe for surface roughness measurementMounting of this probe on a CMM enables surface roughness measurement and analysis to be included in fully automatic CNC measurement cycles. This probe is compatible with the automatic probe changer, and therefore can be automatically replaced with another type of probe for 3D coordinate measurement. A wide variety of roughness analyses can be performed using the dedicated evaluation program.


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