N-11NCoordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology with three dimensionsMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Ultra-high Accuracy CNC CMMMICROCORD LEGEX series• The LEGEX series is an ultra-high precision CNC CMM with the world's highest level of accuracy, made possible by rigorous analysis of all possible error-producing factors and the elimination or minimization of their effects.• The xed bridge structure and precision air bear-ings running on highly rigid guideways ensure superior motion stability and ultra-high geo-metrical accuracy. Thorough testing, using FEM structure analysis simulation, guarantees geomet-ric motion accuracy that has minimal errors from uctuations in the load and other variables. In addition, other various technologies have been utilized in the structure of the drive unit, measuring against vibration, etc. to provide ultra-high accuracy.• Equipped with a combination of a Mitutoyo ultra-high accuracy scale unit, an ultra-high accuracy crystallized glass scale with a coefcient of ther-mal expansion of almost 0 and a high resolution, high-performance reection type linear encoder. It provides excellent position detection for premium performance.Refer to the LEGEX Series leaet (Catalog No.E16012) for more details.SPECIFICATIONSModel Items LEGEX 574LEGEX 774LEGEX 776Measuring rangeX axis500mm700mmY axis700mmZ axis450mm600mmMeasurement methodUltrahigh-precision linear encoderMaximum drive speed120mm/s for each axis (maximum combined speed: 200mm/s)Maximum acceleration980mm/s2Resolution0.00001mm (0.01µm)Guide methodAir bearingMeasuring tableMaterial Cast iron*Size550×750mm750×750mmTapped insertM8×1.25mm (for workpiece clamping)Table loadingMaximum workpiece height700mm850mmMaximum table loading250kg500kgMass (main unit)3500kg5000kg5100kgAir supplyPressure0.5MPaConsumption 120L/min under normal conditions (air source: 160L/min or more)*Ceramic coated type is also available as an option.LEGEX 774LEGEX 574Main unit accuracyUnit: μmProbeLength measurement errorISO 10360-2:2009MPP310QE0,MPE = (0.28+L/1000)μm (Temperature environment 1)E0,MPE = (0.3+L/1000)μm (Temperature environment 2)* L=Measuring length (unit: mm)* Table at right defines temperature environments 1 and 2Installation temperature environmentTemperature environment 1Temperature environment 2Temperature range19 - 21°C18 - 22°CRate of change0.5 ºC per hour or less1 ºC in 24 hours or lessGradient1 ºC or less per meter


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