N-5NCoordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology with three dimensionsMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Programming with a 3D CAD model Standard CNC CMMMICROCORD CRYSTA-Apex EX 500T/700T/900T Series•The CRYSTA-Apex EX 500T/700T/900T series CNC CMMs are equipped with the PH20 probe head and TP20 probe to create a range of standard 5-axis measuring machines.• 5-axis operation reduces the time required for probe rotational movements and allows more exible positioning. This also ensures easy access to complex workpieces and saves time during both programming and measurement.• In addition to 3-axis point measurement similar to conventional coordinate measuring machines, the PH20 probe head also supports 'head touch' operation for rapid measurement using the two rotational axes of the probe head only, with no movement required along the CMM axes.•All styli modules designed for the TP20 probe may be used. Automatic probe changeover is also supported.•Even without the workpiece to be measured, a measurement program can be created on a PC using 3D CAD data. Compared to joystick opera-tion, this makes for more efcient programming and also allows interference checking.Refer to the CRYSTA-Apex EX Series leaet(Catalog No.E16015) for more details.CRYSTA-Apex EX 544TModel Items CRYSTA-Apex EX 544T CRYSTA-Apex EX 574TCRYSTA-Apex EX 776TCRYSTA-Apex EX 7106TCRYSTA-Apex EX 9106TCRYSTA-Apex EX 9166TCRYSTA-Apex EX 9206TMeasuring rangeX axis500mm700mm900mmY axis 400mm700mm 700mm1000mm1000mm1600mm2000mmZ axis400mm600mm600mmDrive speedCNC MODEDrive speed 8 - 300mm/sDrive speed 8 - 300mm/sDrive speed 8 - 300mm/sMeasuring Speed 1 - 10mm/sMeasuring Speed 1 - 10mm/sMeasuring Speed 1 - 10mm/sJ/S MODE0 - 80mm/s0 - 80mm/s0 - 80mm/sResolution0.0001mm (0.1µm)0.0001mm (0.1µm)0.0001mm (0.1µm)Guide methodAir bearings on each axisAir bearings on each axisAir bearings on each axisTable loadingMaximum height545mm800mm800mmMaximum mass180kg800kg1000kg1200kg1500kg1800kgMass (including the control device and installation platform)536kg646kg1696kg1972kg2252kg2889kg3933kgAir supplyPressure0.4MPa0.4MPa0.4MPaConsumption50 L/min under normal conditions (air supply: 100 L/min)60 L/min under normal conditions (air supply: 120 L/min)60 L/min under normal conditions (air supply: 120 L/min) Note: While the appearance of the natural stone measuring table varies according to the source, the high stability for which this material is known can always be relied upon.SPECIFICATIONSCRYSTA-Apex EX 500T/700T/900T Series Installation TemperatureCRYSTA-Apex EX 500T/700T/900T Series AccuracyUnit: μmProbe usedMax. permissible length measurement errorISO 10360-2:2009PH20+TP20E0, MPE=2.2+3L/1000 (Temperature environment 1)E0, MPE=2.2+4L/1000 (Temperature environment 2)* L=Measuring length (unit: mm)* Table at right defines temperature environments 1 and 2Temperature environment 1Temperature environment 2Limits within which accuracy is guaranteedTemperature Range18 - 22 °C16 - 26 °CRate of change2 °C per hour or less2 °C in 24 hours or less2 °C per hour or less5 °C in 24 hours or lessGradient1 °C or less per meter1 °C or less per meter Rotation angle (Resolution)Vertical (A-axis)-115° to +115° (0.08sec)Horizontal (B-axis)∞ (0.08sec)Maximum stylus length50mmSpecification of PH20


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