M-11MHardness Testing MachinesStart quality control from the material — Mitutoyo's hardness testing machines can handle itMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.■Optional Accessories for Dual-purpose Stand CTS SeriesThe CTS Series can be combined with the HH-300 Series for (1) hardness measurement, and (2) spring force testing of the HH-300 Series hardness tester main unit. (3) By connecting the attached weight directly to the hardness tester to perform hardness measurement results in better repeatability than can be obtained compared to hardness measurement made by directly pressing the hardness tester against the workpiece by hand. This measurement method with a weight directly connected to the hardness tester is useful for measuring the hardness of large samples for which the stand cannot be used, as well as hardness measurement in the eld. The CTS Series includes 3 models for different hardness tester types. All 3 models can be used for (1), (2), and (3) above with one stand by adding a separately available accessory.Order No.811-019811-012811-013ModelCTS-101CTS-102CTS-103Applicable modelHH-331, 332HH-333, 334, 337, 338HH-335, 336811-019CTS-101811-013CTS-103Order No.811-330-10811-332-10811-334-10811-336-10811-336-11811-338-10811-338-11Model No.HH-330HH-332HH-334HH-336HH-336-01HH-338HH-338-01TypeCompact LongCompactMeasurement targetSoft rubber, sponge, felt, hard lmGeneral rubber, soft plastichard rubber, hard plastic, eboniteGeneral rubber, soft plastichard rubber, hard plastic, eboniteClassication by specicationType EType AType DType AType DNeedle shapeShaft diameter—ø1.25mmTip shapeSemi-sphereCircular truncated coneConeCircular truncated coneConeTip angle—35°30°35°30°Tip diameterø5mmø0.79mm—ø0.79mm—Tip curvature——0.1mm—0.1mmNeedle platform44×18mmø18mm44×18mmø18mm44×18mmø18mmProtrusion of needle from platform2.5mmGraduation0.1Loading deviceWE, WA, WD: spring force (mN)HE, HA, HD: hardnessCoil spring WE=550+75HE(10 degrees 1300mN, 90 degrees 7300mN)Coil spring WA=550+75HA (HA: 10 - 90)(10 degrees 1300mN, 90 degrees 7300mN)Coil spring WD=444.5HD(HD: 20 to 90)(20 degrees 8890mN, 90 degrees 40005mN)Coil spring WA=550+75HA (HA: 10 - 90)(10 degrees 1300mN, 90 degrees 7300mN)Coil spring WD=444.5HD (HD: 20 to 90)(20 degrees 8890mN, 90 degrees 40005mN)FunctionHold function, Output function:Digimatic interface for printer, Tolerance judgment, Function lockPower supplyButton silver oxide battery SR44External dimensions (W×D×H) 59×40×147mm59×41×190mm59×40×147mmMass290g310g290g260g290g260gRefer to the Hardness Testing Machines (Catalog No. E17001) for more details.HARDMATIC HH-300 (Digital type)SERIES 811 — Durometers for Sponge, Rubber, and PlasticsCompact typeLong typeSPECIFICATIONS811-330-10 HH-330811-336-10 HH-336811-338-10 HH-338811-336-11 HH-336-01811-338-11 HH-338-01811-332-10 HH-332811-334-10 HH-334


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