J-22JMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.WIDE VMU seriesSERIES 378 — Wide-field Video Microscope Unit• Incorporates a wide-field image sensor (APS-C format or smaller size) providing seven times greater viewing area than the VMU Series for greatly enhanced inspection efficiency.• In addition to normal bright-field observation, this series supports dark-field observation for scratch inspection, etc., and polarized light observation for increased contrast when viewing certain specimens.• Bulk inspections covering a wide area can be performed with multiple units in a high-density configuration. WIDE VMU dark-fieldVMUWIDE VMU×7SPECIFICATIONSFor Bright-eld ObservationFor Bright-/Dark-eld ObservationModelWIDE VMU-VWIDE VMU-HWIDE VMU-BDVWIDE VMU-BDHOrder No.378-515378-516378-517378-518Camera mounting orientationVerticalHorizontalVerticalHorizontalObservationBright eld/Erect imageBright eld/Inverted imageBright eld and Dark eld/Erect imageBright eld and Dark eld/Inverted imageOptical tubeOptical systemMagnication: 1X Visible lightCamera MountF-Mount, C-Mount (with aligning and parfocal adjustment mechanism) Imaging forming (tube) lensBuilt-in 1X tube lens (Correcting wavelength range: 436 - 656nm) Image eldø30Polarized unit*MountableObjective lens (required option)M Plan Apo, M Plan Apo HR, M Plan Apo SL, G Plan ApoBD Plan Apo, BD Plan Apo HR, BD Plan Apo SLApplicable cameraAPS-C format or smaller sizeReected illumination optical systemTelecentric illumination, Bright-eld illumination optical tube (Single-port ber-optic illumination)Telecentric illumination, Bright/Dark-eld illumination optical tube (Dual-port ber-optic illumination)Bright/Dark-eld switching with light source on-offIllumination unit (optional)Fiber-optic illumination unit (12V, 100W) (No. 378-700)/ (12V, 150W) (No. 176-316)Main unit mass1800g1950g2000g2150g*Polarized observation by Bright-field illuminationImage sensorMounting WIDE VMU-V and WIDE VMU-H units alternately prevents interference between image sensors.Optical fiber for dark-field illuminationOptical fiber for bright-field illuminationImage sensorWIDE VMU-VWIDE VMU-HWIDE VMU-BDVWIDE VMU-BDH


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