G-52GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.SERIES 544 Laser Scan Micrometer (Measuring Unit)Optional Accessories•Standard cylinder gage set suitable for calibration of Laser Scan Micrometers.•Nominal gage diameters (1 to 160mm) are as given in Specications.Standard calibration gage setInstallation example (LSM-902)•Easy set-up and height adjustment enables high-precision measurement. Workstage•Pin gage or plug gage•Roller of copying machineMeasurement Examples•Vertical/horizontal slide mechanism enables easy measurement of various workpiece diameters.•Best suited for quality assurance of high precision pin gages.Adjustable workstageSPECIFICATIONSFor calibrating models544-495, 544-496544-531, 544-532544-533, 544-534544-535, 545-536544-537, 544-538544-539, 544-540544-541, 544-542544-115, 544-116Set No.02AGD18002AGD11002AGD12002AGD13002AGD14002AGD15002AGM30002AGD170Configuration(Order No.)Stand02AGD18102AGD11102AGD12102AGD13102AGD14102AGD15102AGM32002AGD171Gagesø1: 02AGD920ø25: 02AGD963ø0.1: 958200ø2 : 958202ø0.1: 958200ø10: 229317ø1: 02AGD920ø30: 02AGD961ø1: 02AGD920ø60: 02AGD962ø20: 229730ø120: 234072ø20: 229730ø160: 02AGM303ø1: 02AGD920ø60: 02AGD962Carrying case02AGD19095820395820302AGD98002AGD98002AGD99002AGM31002AGD970SPECIFICATIONSModel544-533, 544-534544-535, 544-536544-495, 544-496Order No.02AGD270Basic congurationBasic setOrder No.ModelStandard AccessoriesMeasuring range (mm)Horizontal stroke (mm)Vertical stroke (mm)(1) Main unit(2) V-block(3) Stop02AGD280544-495, 544-496V-block (02AGD420), 2 pcsStopper (02AGD430), 1 pc 0.1 - 251304702AGD400544-533, 544-5340.05 - 101303202AGD490544-535, 544-5360.3 - 302003502AGD520544-537, 544-538V-block A (02AGD550), 2 pcsV-block B (02AGD560), 1 pcV-block C (02AGD570), 1 pc1 - 603004502AGD370544-115, 544-1160.5 - 602004502AGD6800.5 - 6030045* The stop is not included in the basic set for 544-537, 544-538, 544-115, 544-116. • Optional part for the adjustable workstage, such as center support, adjustable V-block (up/down) etc., are available.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.


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