G-35GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Mu-checkerTo support building the system with automatic measuring unit or dedicated gagesNote on stylus angleIf the stylus of a pivot bearing type probe makes an angle with a workpiece surface, as in the gure, calibration should be performed for accurate measurement. Alternatively, the displayed value may be corrected by multiplying it by the appropriate correction factor as given in the table.Model 519-326 does not need correction.Display value × Correction factor = Corrected valueDimensions of dovetail plate on probe bodyEnables mounting on a lever head mounting bracket or stem.Transfer StandLever-head mounting brackets (optional)Optional accessories for Mitutoyo test indicators can be used.Holder Main Specications519-109-10(with a serrated plate)ø4 dovetail-grooved stem902802Clamp for ø6/8 dovetail-grooved stem902053Holding arm A (Square 9x9, Length 100)900209Holding arm B (ø8, Length 115)900211Clamp for ø6/9.5 dovetail-grooved stem900320ø6 dovetail-grooved stem902803ø8 dovetail-grooved stem902804ø9.5 dovetail-grooved stem902805θ60゜151.5(5.934)PlatenParallelism: 1.3 µm or lessStem mounting holewithout Bush: ø9.53with Bush: ø8ø305038545430ø5880168ø18ø6ø8ø616.227.55.812.2610.9902053StemsClampAngle (θ)Correction factor 0°1.0010°0.9820°0.9430°0.8740°0.7750°0.6460°0.50Order No.Effective transfer range [mm]Fine adjustment range [mm]Mounting hole [mm]519-109-100 - 3201Without Bush: ø9.53With Bush: ø8Refer to Catalog No. E13003 (Mu-checker) for more details.扌ø6扌扌ø6扌Unit: mmUnit: mm


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