F-78FMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Optional accessories Dial indicator Dial protection cover: No.21DZA000Refer to page C-45 for details.Recommended dial indicators No.2046SB: Dial indicator (Graduation: 0.01mm)No.2109SB-10: Dial indicator (Graduation: 0.001mm)• Designed for quick GO/NG judgment of diameters of cylinders and shafts in machining processes.• Wide (13.5 x 12mm/ 1.53 x 47”), at carbide anvils.• Anvil retracting stroke: 2mm/.080”Anvil positioning range: 25mm/ 1”• Adjustment nut: adjusts the measuring range. • Clamp: adjustment nut• Flatness of measuring face: 1μm • Stability of indication: 2μm or less (stability of indicators is not included)• The dial indicator and protection cover are optional. Also, some dial indicators and protection covers cannot be used with the dial snap gage. Consult Mitutoyo if intending to use dial indicators which are not recommended.Dial Snap Gage201-101Anvil 40(104.5)(44)40φ16(13.5)Dial indicatorprotection armClampAdjustmentnutAdjustmentnutWorkpiece supportHeat insulating coverAnvil Dial indicatorprotection arm(44.6)(44)(12)40ø1640DIMENSIONS Unit: mmSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range ParallelismMeasuring forceRecommended dial indicator (optional)201-1010 - 25mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-10225 - 50mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-10350 - 75mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-10475 - 100mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-105100 - 125mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-106125 - 150mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-107150 - 175mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-108175 - 200mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-109200 - 225mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-110225 - 250mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-111250 - 275mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)201-112275 - 300mm5µm15N±3N2046SB (0.01mm reading), 2109SB-10 (0.001mm reading)InchOrder No.Range ParallelismMeasuring forceRecommended dial indicator (optional)201-1510 - 1”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1521 - 2”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1532 - 3”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1543 - 4”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1554 - 5”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1565 - 6”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1576 - 7”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1587 - 8”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1598 - 9”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-1609 - 10”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-16110 - 11”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)201-16211 - 12”.0002”15N±3N2803SB-10 (.0001” reading)*1: Measuring force is that force present before an indicator is installed and is determined at the point where the spindle is retracted 1mm from the rest position.Note: The dial indicator and protection cover are optional.


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