F-62FMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Dial Test IndicatorSERIES 513 — Horizontal Type17 25 ø400.8 8.315.5 41 L 37 Special Set:No. 513-908 (mm)513-404E:Dial test indicator7014:Mini magnetic standNo. 513-907 (inch)513-402:Dial test indicator7014E:Mini magnetic standDIMENSIONSOrder No.L513-424E/513-478E22.3513-404E/513-474E20.9513-415E/513-477E44.5513-426E22.3513-405E/513-475E14.7513-425E14.7513-401E/513-471E12.8513-414E36.8513-40914.7513-424E513-415E513-426E513-405E513-425E513-401E513-414ERuby contact point models•Higher resistance to wear•Non-magnetic, non-conductive tip allows use in EDM processes513-474E513-475E513-404E513-471E513-477E513-478ECarbide contact point models•Provides easy access to shrouded surfaces that cannot be reached with conventional dial indicators.•No-clutch structure for automatic reversal of measuring direction.•Resistant to water and dust thanks to the one-piece bezel and O-ring seal for the crystal.•The glare-free at crystal face has a scratch-resistant coating.•High sensitivity and quick response due to low-friction jeweled bearings.unit: mmOrder No.L513-466E22.3513-464E20.9513-465E14.7-0.030φ625177.74115.5218.3L3723φ280.80.80.8ø2837L8.315.541


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