F-38FMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.DIMENSIONSUnit: mm取付けねじM2.5×0.45φ6.5φ6.5φ4AφH5BGFφC16DEφ8 0-0.009Iφ8 0-0.009φCφH16(13)IEDFG5φ4AB(取付部:M2.5×0.45)パーツNo.21AZA319ボール付測定子 先端ø3(1911,1913-10)F-40-1ø6.5Iø4øH5BA16ø8 0-0.009EDFøCG(取付部:M2.5×0.45)パーツNo.21AZA319ボール付測定子 先端ø3(1003)F-40-2ø6.5ø4IøHEDABGFøC513ø8 0-0.009M2.5×0.45ø6.5Iø4øH5BA16ø8 0-0.009EDFøCGM2.5×0.45ø6.5ø4IøHEDBGFøC513ø8 0-0.009ANo.4-48UNFø6.5Iø4øH6.35BA16ø9.52 0-0.03EDFøCGA 15.5 15.5 18B 42 39.5 40.3C313136D 12.5 12.5 13E191915F 15 15 9.5G 11.5 9 12.8H303032耳金付裏ぶた付565661平裏ぶた525258I776本体質量(g)Notes1) Limit hands, bezel clamps and lifting levers cannot be installed.2) The shoulder on a contact point (standard accessory) acts as a stop to prevent spindle overrun that may otherwise damage the indicator. For this reason, if you need to install an optional contact point with an outside diameter smaller than 7mm, use a washer (with outside diameter of at least 7mm, inside diameter of 3mm, and thickness of approx. 0.5mm) placed between the contact point and the spindle.Order No.1921T-101923T-101925T-10A 15.5 15.5 18 15.5 15.5 15.5B 42 39.5 40.3 40 38.3 37.5C313136313131D 12.9 12.9 13 12.9 12.9 12.9E19.219.215 15 15 9.5 15 15 15G 11.5 9 No.1911T-101913T-101003T1921T-101923T-101925T-101911T-10/1913T-101921T-10/1923T-10/1925T-101003TSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.GraduationRange (range/rev)AccuracyRepeat-abilityDial readingMeasuring forcew/ lugFlat-backOverallRetrace1/10 Rev1 Rev1911T-101911TB-100.01mm2.5mm (1mm)12µm4µm8µm10µm3µm0-50-01.8N or less1913T-101913TB-100.002mm0.5mm (0.2mm)6µm2.5µm2.5µm5µm1µm0-100-01.8N or less1003T1003TB0.01mm4mm (1mm)13µm4µm8µm11µm3µm0-50-01.4N or lessISO/JIS typeInchOrder No.GraduationRange (range/rev)AccuracyRepeat-abilityDial readingMeasuring forcew/ lugFlat-backFirst 1 Rev / 2.5 Rev / 10 RevRetrace1921T-101921TB-10.001”.1” (.04”)±.001” / ±.001” / —.0002”±.0002”0-20-01.8N or less1923T-101923TB-10.0005”.05” (.02”)±.0005” / ±.005” / —.00016”±.0001”0-10-01.8N or less1925T-101925TB-10.0001”.025” (.01”)±.0002” / ±.0002” / —.0001”±.00003”0-5-01.8N or lessANSI/AGD type* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical position (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical position (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.


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