D-54DMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Height GageOptional accessories for height gagesNo. 900872• The contact sensor eliminates errors caused by non-contact of the slider with a workpiece while making measurements.When the scriber of a height gage touches a conductive workpiece, an indicator lights up to indicate that a measurement can be taken, which results in consistent results.• Magnet is incorporated.• Battery (PR44, 2 pcs required) is not included.• For precision Black Granite Surface Plates, refer to page E-51.No. 951144• Allows quick measurement of center-to-center distance between holes.• Measurable hole diameters: 1 - 38mm• Mounting position dimension: 99 mmNo. 900764• Attaches to a height gage for measuring groove and hole depth.• Minimum hole diameter: 5.5mm• Maximum distance from the bottom of the holding bar to the contact point:80mm (metric type), 2.95” (inch type)• Dial indicator contact points are usable. (Refer to pages F-51.)• Mounting position dimension: 99 mm• Holding bar length: 100mmContact SensorCenter ProbeDepth Gage AttachmentScriber 90017390039090016807GZA000905200昔端部裳肴図(scl=2/1)5.746.350.5(6.5)225228(47)322512.70.510945105(32.5)58842213(150)8.29昔端部拡堆図 2/15886(28)161149.210144162.545127450~25~89810.50.53298033(47)10昔端部裳肴R4.5先端部詳細図Scale 2/10.5230°50°0.5930808.2159508DIMENSIONS Unit: mmSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Applicable Height Gages07GZA000192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-613-10, 192-614-10, 192-615-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-302, 570-304)192 Series Dial Height Gages (192-130, 192-131, 192-132, 192-133) 514 Series Vernier Height Gages (514-102, 514-104, 514-106, 514-103, 514-105, 514-107)574 Series Heightmatic (574-112-1, 574-111-1, 574-110-1)905200192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-663-10, 192-664-10, 192-665-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-230)514 Series Vernier Height Gages (514-108, 514-109)900390514 Series Vernier Height Gage (514-170)InchOrder No.Applicable Geight Nages900173570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-227, 570-244)506 Series Vernier Height Gages (506-207, 506-208)900258192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-630-10, 192-631-10, 192-632-10, 192-633-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-312, 570-313, 570-314)574 Series Heightmatic (574-212-1, 574-211-1, 574-210-1)905201192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-670-10, 192-671-10, 192-672-10, 192-673-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-248)


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