B-35BMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.MicrometerThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instrumentsDisk Micrometers SERIES 369, 227, 169 — Non-Rotating Spindle Type • Measures “root tangent length” of spur gears and helical gears.• Determination of the root tangent length: refer to “Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments”.• Non-rotating spindle type.• Measurable range of gear pitch: 0.5 to 6 module (series 227: 0.4 to 3 module). • Equipped with Ratchet Stop for constant measuring force.• Supplied with a setting standard (except for 0-25mm/0-1” measuring range). Quickmike type with adjustable measuring force (LCD)227-221Quickmike type (LCD)369-411Inch/MetricOrder No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*Anvil dia.FlatnessParallelismMeasuring forceDigimatic (LCD)369-350-300 - 1".00005"/ 0.001mm±.0002"ø20.00004".0002"—369-351-301" - 2"369-352-302" - 3"±.0003".0003"369-353-303" - 4"Quickmike type (LCD)369-4210 - 1.2"±.0002".0002"—369-4221" - 2.2"* Excluding quantizing errorInchOrder No.RangeGraduationAccuracyAnvil dia.FlatnessParallelismAnalog169-2030 - 1".001"±.0002"ø20.00004".0002"169-2041" - 2"169-2062" - 3"±.0003".0003"169-2083" - 4"SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*Anvil dia.FlatnessParallelismMeasuring forceDigimatic (LCD)369-250-300 - 25mm0.001mm±4µmø201µm4µm—369-251-3025 - 50mm369-252-3050 - 75mm±6µm6µm369-253-3075 - 100mmQuickmike type (LCD)369-4110 - 30mm±4µm4µm—369-41225 - 55mmQuickmike type adjustable measuring force (LCD)227-2210 - 15mmø14.33µm0.5N - 2.5N227-2230 - 10mm2N - 10N* Excluding quantizing errorMetricOrder No.RangeGraduationAccuracyAnvil dia.FlatnessParallelismMeasuring forceAnalog169-2010 - 25mm0.01mm±4µmø201µm4µm—169-20225 - 50mm169-20550 - 75mm±6µm6µm169-20775 - 100mm169-201AnvilOptional accessories • Connecting cables for 369-250-30 to 369-253-30, 369-350-30 to 369-353-301m: 05CZA6622m: 05CZA663 • USB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN-B (2m): 06ADV380B • SPC cables for U-WAVE w/ data switch (160mm): 02AZD790B For foot switch: 02AZE140B (Refer to page B-68 for details.)• SPC cables for Quickmike and micrometers with adjustable measuring force device937387:SPC cable (1m)*965013:SPC cable (2m)*• only for Quickmike and micrometers with adjustable measuring force device06ADV380E : USB Input Tool Direct with data switch(2m)02AZD790E : SPC cable for U-WAVE (160mm)For footswitch: 02AZE140EQuickmikeProvides a speedy spindle feed of 10mm per thimble rotation, which enables widely differently sized features to be measured quickly.Quickmike type with adjustable measuring forceDigimatic micrometer dedicated to applications requiring a constant/low measuring force such as measuring wire, paper, and plastic/rubber parts.0.7 (0.4)ø20 (ø14.3) ø8Unit: mm( ): Adjustable measuring force type No center concavityBattery for series 369 and 227SR44 (1 pc), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)Battery life:Approx. 2.4 years under normal use (for series 369-2XX, 3XX)Approx. 1 year under normal use (for series 369-4XX)Approx. 3 years under normal use (for series 227-2XX)Length standard:Electromagnetic rotary sensor(for series 369-2XX, 3XX)Electrostatic capacity absolute sensor (for series 369-4XX, 2XX)Standard accessories: Reference bar, 1 pc(except for measuring range 0-10mm / 0-15mm / 0-25mm / 0-30mm (0-1"/0-1.2") models)Spanner (301336), 1 pc (for series 169-2XX, 369-2XX, 3XX)Screwdriver (No.210183), 1pc (for series 227-2XX) Digimatic (LCD)369-250-30


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