N-25Coordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology with three dimensionsMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.NSoftware for Manual/CNC Coordinate Measuring MachinesMSURFNote: If not using ACR3, probe replacement is performed manually. A scanning path can be created just by dening a scanning start point, a scanning length, and a scanning width.•Specifying the 3 points can be simply performed by operating the joystick while watching the camera view.•When a point group or master data exists on the screen, the 3 points can be dened by selecting the data using the mouse. This is usefaul for creation of the measuring path by simulation and specication for re-measurement of data left behind, which helps reduce measuring man-hours.•Operating joystick buttons enables conguration and execution of a scanning path, and registration to or deletion from a macro. Capability of measurement without using a PC has signicantly improved operational efciency, especially for large-sized CMMs.MSURF-S can be started from MCOSMOS.•A work coordinate system created with MCOSMOS can be used with MSURF-S. Therefore, fully automatic measurement combined with "Contact Measurement/Non-Contact Measurement" can be performed.Scanning paths can be registered as a measurement macro.•The measurement conditions of a measurement macro can be partly or wholly changed by the override function.•The sub-macro function is effective for measuring multiple, identical workpieces.•A trial calculation of measurement macro execution time is made based on the measurement conditions and the specications of the CMM.* Functions added from MSURF V2.011 or later•MSURF is a software program that enables users to perform operations from measurement to evaluation on the same platform when the non-contact line laser probe, SurfaceMeasure, is used.Three types of software are provided according to the task. MSURF-S: Calculates point cloud data measured by CNC CMM with SurfaceMeasure.It generates scanning paths by defining the scanning start position, length, and width.MSURF-I: Conducts analysis or comparison verification of measured point cloud data in reference to nominal data (supporting CAD data import).MSURF-G: Primarily creates part programs (measurement procedure programs) using CAD data.Scanning: MSURF-S


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