N-16NMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.MACH Ko-ga-me•Incorporating a measuring instrument in a production line allows earlier detection of defectives.•The management of absolute dimensions facilitates feedback to the processing machine.•Also applicable to diversied small-quantity production.•A traceable quality control system can be built.•High-accuracy measurement can be performed.Guaranteed accuracy temperature for MACH Ko-ga-meAgile Measuring SystemMACH Ko-ga-me• Can be used in standalone applications or integrated into work cells.• If required, the system can measure workpiece features that exceed the Ko-ga-me’s X stroke by mounting the workpiece, or the Ko-ga-me, on an auxiliary X axis.• Ideal for inspection of large or small workpieces and offers a wide choice of measuring probes including touch-triggerl and scanning types. (Note: Probe choice may be restricted, depending on the application.)In-line measurement Standalone systemWorkpiece measurement within Ko-ga-me's measuring volume Moving-head system*An auxiliary X-axis system shall be provided by the customer.Stand (Option)Example of moving-head systemSPECIFICATIONSModel Items KGM888-BKGM12128-BMeasuring range (X, Y, Z)80×80×80mm120×120×80mmAccuracy*Max. permissible length measurement errorE0,MPE (ISO 10360-2:2009)19-21ºC: (2.4+5.7L/1000)μm15-25ºC: (2.7+6.4L/1000)μm10-30ºC: (3.1+7.2L/1000)μm10-35ºC: (3.4+7.9L/1000)μmDrive speedMax. 200 (1 axis) / Max. 340 (Composition of 3 axes)Drive accelerationMax. 3900 (1 axis) / Max. 6750 (Composition of 3 axes)* When using TP200 or SP25M* L=Measuring length (unit: mm)Temperature environment Temperature range10 to 35ºCRate of change2 ºC per hour or lessGradient1 ºC or less per meter (in horizontal/vertical direction)Auxiliary X-axis system*


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