L-42LMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Three-jaw chuck (key operated)Magnication calibrator•A calibration gage to be used for the sensitivity adjustment of the detector. Vibration isolator (compatible with RA-1600/2200/2200CNC: Desk type)Vibration isolator (air system)(For RA-10/120/120P)Vibration isolator (air system)(For RA-1600/2200/2200CNC)Cylindrical square(Only for cylindricity-measurement-capable models.)Magnication calibration kit •A combination of gage blocks and an optical at.Order No. 997090* Supplied with RA-H5200/RA-H5200CNC/RA-2200/RA-2200CNC as standard.Sliding detector holder (For RA-1600*)Order No. 12AAL090* Supplied with RA-H5200/RA-2200 as standard.Printer paper set (for thermal printer)•10 rolls (25m/ roll)Order No. 12AAH181 (for RA-120/10)Thin-workpiece table3X-extension detector holder(RA-H5200 For the measurement of 3X deep hole)2X-extension detector holder(RA-H5200/RA-2200/RA-1600 For the measurement of 2X deep hole)•Suitable for holding longer parts and those requiring a relatively powerful clamp, including crankshafts and pin shafts.Centering chuck (knurled ring operated)Micro chuck•Used for clamping workpieces smaller than ø1 mm that the centering chuck cannot hold.•Suitable for holding small parts with easy-to-operate knurled-ring clamping.Optional AccessoriesSERIES 211 — Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring SystemsCode No. 211-051(for RA-10)211-061(except RA-10)Holding capacityOD ø0.5 to ø10mm*1Centering error50µm or less*2Mass1.4kg*1: Collets compatible with the workpiece are optional.*2: When measured with a ø5mm pin gage at the probing height of 30mm.Code No.211-032Holding capacity OD with internal jaws ø1-ø36mm ID with internal jaws ø16-ø69mmOD with external jaws ø25-ø79mmExternal dimensions (D×H)ø118×41mmMass1.2kgCode No.211-031Holding capacityOD ø0.2 - ø1.5mmExternal dimensions (D×H)ø107×48.5mmMass0.6kgCode No.211-014Holding capacity OD with internal jaws 2-35mm ID with internal jaws 25-68mmOD with external jaws 35-78mmExternal dimensions (D×H)ø157×70.6mmMass3.8kgOrder No.356038Loading dia.ø100mmExternal dimensionsø105x25mmMass1.7kg*Supplied with RA-H5200 as standard.Order No.12AAF205Mass1.3kgOrder No.12AAF203Mass1.1kgOrder No.Holding capacity (OD)12AAH402ø0.5~ø1.0mm12AAH403ø1.0~ø1.5mm12AAH404ø1.5~ø2.0mm12AAH405ø2.0~ø2.5mm12AAH406ø2.5~ø3.0mm12AAH407ø3.0~ø3.5mm12AAH408ø3.5~ø4.0mm12AAH409ø4.0~ø5.0mm12AAH410ø5.0~ø6.0mm12AAH411ø6.0~ø7.0mm12AAH412ø7.0~ø8.0mm12AAH413ø8.0~ø9.0mm12AAH414ø9.0~ø10.0mm*3: The collet chuck itself cannot be xed to the turntable. A separate collet chuck holder is required. Equivalent to product of YUKIWA SEIKO, YCC10- **, AA.Collet chuck holder •Used for holding parts with a collet (optional).Collet chuck holder*3•Individual collet for the collet chuck holder.Order No.12AAK110Vibration isolating methodDiaphragm isolation systemExternal dimensions (W×D×H)830×800×700mmOptional accessories used with the vibration isolator (No.12AAK110)· Monitor arm (No.12AAK120)· Side table (No.12AAL019)Order No.178-025Vibration isolating methodDiaphragm isolation systemExternal dimensions (W×D×H)765×565×51mmOrder No.211-013Vibration isolating methodDiaphragm isolation systemExternal dimensions (W×D×H)615×515×51mmOrder No.350850Cylindricity2μmStraightness1μmExternal dimensions (D×H)ø70×250mmMass7.5kgCode No.211-045Maximum calibration range400 μmScale interval0.2μmExternal dimensions (W×D×H)235(max.)×185×70mmMass4kgNo.211-051An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.


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