IVNote: The above are domestic and international locations where Mitutoyo provides ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services. (As of 18th December, 2015) • Japan AIST :National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology NMIJ :National Metrology Institute of Japan IAJapan :International Accreditation Japan NITE :National Institute of Technology and Evaluation JCSS :Japan Calibration Service System• Singapore A*STAR :Agency for Science, Technology and Research SAC :Singapore Accreditation Council• Thailand NIMT :National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) TISI :Thai Industrial Standard Institute• Indonesia NMI :Puslit Metrologi-LPI KAN :Komite Akreditasi Nasional• Vietnam VMI :Vietnam Metrology Institute NABL :BUREAU OF ACCREDITATION• Malaysia NML-SIRIM :National Metrology Laboratory-Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia STANDARDS :Department of Standards Malaysia MALAYSIA• Taiwan NML R.O.C. :National Measurement Laboratory R.O.C. TAF :Taiwan Accreditation Foundation• India NPLI :National Physical Laboratory of India NABL :National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories• China NIM :National Institute of Metrology CNCA :Certication and Accreditation Administration of the people’s Republic of China CNAS :China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assesment• USA NIST :National Institute of Standards and Technology A2LA :American Association for Laboratory Accreditation• Canada NRC-INMS :National Research Council Canada -Institute for National Measurement Standards CLAS/SCC :Calibration Laboratory Assessment Service / Standards Council of Canada• Mexico CENAM :Centro Nacional de Metrología EMA :Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación, a.c.• UK NPL :National Physical Laboratory UKAS :United Kingdom Accreditation Service• The Netherland VSL :Van Swinden Laboratorium RvA :Raad voor Accreditatie• Germany PTB :Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt DAkkS :Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbHNationalmetrologyinstituteMitutoyo MlaysiaNo.SAMM152 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo TaiwanNo.0336 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo South Asia*2 No.C-0349APLACSTANDARDSMALAYSIATAFNML-SIRIMNMLR.O.C.NPLIJapanMalaysiaIndiaMitutoyo South AsiaNo.C-0349 (Length and Hardness)NPLIIndiaMitutoyo Measurring Instruments (Shanghai)No.CNASL5506 (Length)CNCACNASNIMChinaTaiwanMitutoyo VietnamNo.VILAS 741 (Length)BoAVMIVietnamMitutoyo IndonesiaNo.LK-183-IDN (Length and Hardness)KANNMIIndonesiaMitutoyo ThailandNo.0258 (Length)TISINIMTThailandMitutoyo Asia PacicNo.LA-1996-0102-C (Length and Hardness)SACA*STARSingaporeAccreditationbodyAccreditedcalibrationlaboratoryMitutoyo Miyazaki PlantNo.0030 (Length)Mitutoyo Hiroshima Cal. CenterNo.0109 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo Kawasaki Cal. CenterNo.0086 (Force)Mitutoyo Techno Service BusinessDivision No.0186 (Length)Mitutoyo Utsunomiya Measurement Standards Cal. CenterNo.0031 (Lengh and Temperature)NMIJ/AISTIAJapan/NITE(JCSS)ILACNABLOffering Reliable Traceability WorldwideCalibration laboratories worldwideMitutoyo has built a network for comprehensive support of calibration of precision measuring products in the global market. To provide calibration services on a global scale, Mitutoyo has calibration laboratories that have received ISO/IEC 17025 certication, an international standard, from accredited organizations in each of the countries in which Mitutoyo operates in Japan and abroad.


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