L-24LMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Optional Accessories for ContracerCross-travel tableOptional accessories that can be used with the cross-travel table.Holder with clampRotary viseSwivel center supportV-block with clampCenter supportCenter support riser172-234172-378Workpiece xture for rotary viseNo.218-001Code No.218-003Fixing methodTwo-slide jawAngle of rotation360° (0°, 30°, 60°, 90° equipped with quick stop function)Resolution1°Jaw opening60mmJaw width80mmJaw depth35mmTotal height110mmCode No.172-142Max. length of the workpiece120mmMax. diameter of workpiece120mmCode No.172-143Total height60mmCode No.172-197Inclination range±10°Resolution1°Max. length of workpiece140mmMax. diameter of workpiece80mm(when the inclination angle is 0°)65mm(when the inclination angle is 10°)Code No.172-234172-378V-block length60mm41mmMaximum height of workpiece50mm25mmCode No.172-144Rotation methodOne-slide jawAngle of rotation360°Jaw opening80mm(When the auxiliary block is inserted: 25mm)Jaw width40mmJaw depth20mmTotal height76mmCode No.176-107Maximum supportable height35mmT-groove152mmMounting hole pitch84mm,120mmTip shape: ConeTip angle: 20° (SPHW-21) 30° (SPHW-31)Tip radius: 25µmTip material: CarbideTip shape: ConeTip angle: 20° (SPHW-22) 30° (SPHW-32)Tip radius: 25µmTip material: CarbideTip shape: ConeTip angle: 30°Tip radius: 25µmTip material: Carbideø4.8ø1.6ø827520ø5ø3ø827520ø4ø827520HEnlarged view of the tipHEnlarged view of the tipHEnlarged view of the tipArm stylus (Arm/stylus integrated type) for CV-4500 series, SV-C4500 series, and SV-4500CNC series• Double-sided small hole Arm stylus SPHW-21/31• Double-sided small hole Arm stylus SPHW-33• Double-sided small hole Arm stylus SPHW-22/32Arm stylus nameModel No.Order No.H (mm)Double-sided small hole arm stylus*1SPHW-2112AAT4692.4SPHW-2212AAT4705SPHW-3112AAM1082.4SPHW-3212AAM1095SPHW-3312AAM1109*1: Arm stylus for the CV-4500, SV-C4500, and SV-C4500CNC series.Code No.218-001Dimensions of the table280×180mmHeight of the table100mmMax. stage loading30kgFixture mountingT-groove and dovetail grooveTravel range100mm (right/left)×50mm (forward/backward)Resolution/Graduation0.01mm thimble (with 1mm scales only in the right/left direction)Swivel range—


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