L-23LContracerHigh precision + high functionality + high operability = Contracer Mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Stylus nameModel No.Order No.Compatible arm No.H(mm)CV-3200/4500 SV-C3200/4500SV-C4500CNCDouble-sided conical stylus*2SPHW-5612AAM095*4AB-31, 3720SPHW-6612AAM09632SPHW-7612AAM09748One-sided cut stylusSPH-513548826SPH-6135488312SPH-71354884*520SPH-8135488530SPH-9135488642Intersecting cut stylusSPH-523548876SPH-6235488812SPH-7235488920SPH-8235489030SPH-9235489142Cone stylus tip angle 30°(Sapphire)SPH-533548926SPH-6335489312SPH-7335489420SPH-8335489530SPH-9335489642Cone stylus tip angle 30°(carbide-tipped)SPH-5612AAA5666SPH-6612AAA56712SPH-7612AAA568*620SPH-8612AAA56930SPH-9612AAA57042Cone stylus tip angle 20°(carbide-tipped)SPH-5712AAE8656SPH-6712AAE86612SPH-7712AAE86720SPH-8712AAE86830SPH-9712AAE86942Cone stylus tip angle 50° (Diamond)SPH-7935512920Knife-edge stylusSPH-543548976SPH-6435489812SPH-7435489920SPH-8435490030SPH-9435490142Ball stylusSPH-553549026SPH-6535490312SPH-7535490420SPH-8535490530SPH-9535490642Small hole stylusSPH-4112AAM104AB-332SPH-4212AAM1054SPH-4312AAM1066.5*1: Standard accessory for the CV-3200/4500, SV-C3200/4500, and SV-C4500CNC series.*2: Dedicated stylus for the CV-4500, SV-C4500, and SV-C4500CNC series.*3: When one-sided cut stylus SPH-71 (standard accessory) is used.*4: Standard accessory for the CV-4500, SV-C4500, and SV-C4500CNC series.*5: Standard accessory for the CV-3200/4500 and SV-C3200/4500 series.*6: Standard accessory for the SV-C4500CNC.List of Applicable StyliTip angle: 20°Edge width: 3 mmTip radius: 25µmMaterial: CarbideHø3• One-sided cut stylusTip angle: 12°Tip radius: 25µmMaterial: Carbideø3H• Intersecting cut stylusTip angle: 20°Tip radius: 25µmMaterial: CarbideHø3• Knife-edge stylusHø3• Ball stylusTip ball diameter: 1 mmTip material: Carbideø3H• Cone stylusTip angle: 30° (50° for SPH-79)Tip radius: 25µmTip material: Sapphire, carbide (Diamond for SPH-79)Hø3• Cone stylusTip angle: 20°Tip radius: 25µmMaterial: CarbideTip angle: 30°Tip radius: 25µmMaterial: CarbideHø3• Small hole stylus SPH-41• Small hole stylus SPH-42• Small hole stylus SPH-43• Double-sided conical stylusTip shape: one-sided (tip angle: 20°)Tip radius: 25µmTip material: CarbideTip shape: one-sided (tip angle: 20°)Tip radius: 25µmTip material: CarbideTip shape: one-sided (tip angle: 20°)Tip radius: 25µmTip material: Carbide13ø1.6ø4.8H0.455ø3H120ø555ø4H2.54055StylusOptional Accessories for ContracerArms for CV-3200/4500 series, SV-C3200/4500 series, and SV-C4500 CNC series Arms•Straight arm AB-31•Eccentric arm AB-37•Small hole arm AB-33List of Applicable ArmsStylus nameModel No.Order No.Applicable styliStraight armAB-3112AAM101*1SPH-5, 6, 7, 8, 9SPHW*2-56, 66, 76Eccentric armAB-3712AAQ762SPH-5, 6, 7, 8, 9SPHW*2-56, 66, 76Small hole armAB-3312AAM103SPH-41, 42, 43φ857.520218※3φ84057.520φ821857.520218※3


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