K-13KVision Measuring SystemsVision measuring systems for multipurpose useMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Objective lensesQV-INDEX From the viewpoint of measurement expansion and streamlining, measurement of the workpiece not only on the front but also the sides and back can be performed with just one setup.A wide choice of objectives enables magnication of the optical system to be specied over the range of 0.5 to 25X to provide the best match to the application.The longer working distance type is also available.OptionsObjective lensQV-SL0.5×QV-HR1×QV-SL1×QV-HR2.5×QV-SL2.5×QV-5×QV-HR10×QV-10×QV-25×Order No.02AKT19902AKT25002ALA15002AKT30002ALA17002ALA42002AKT65002ALG01002ALG020Optical magnification0.5×1×2.5×5×10×25×Working distance 30.5mm40.6mm52.5mm40.6mm60mm33.5mm20mm30.5mm13mm1/2" White/Black CCD Camera imaging FOV [(H)mm×(V)mm]Turret 1×12.54×9.46.27×4.72.49×1.881.25×0.940.62×0.470.25×0.18Turret 2×6.27×4.73.13×2.351.24×0.930.62×0.470.31×0.230.10×0.07Turret 6×2.09×1.561.04×0.780.41×0.310.20×0.150.10×0.070.04×0.031/3" CCD Color Cameral imaging FOV [(H)mm×(V)mm]Turret 1×9.4×7.044.7×3.521.87×1.410.93×0.70.46×0.340.18×0.14Turret 2×4.7×3.522.35×1.760.09×0.70.47×0.350.23×0.170.09×0.07Turret 6×1.56×1.170.78×0.590.31×0.240.16×0.120.08×0.060.03×0.02ItemsSpecicationsWorkpiece diameterø140mm (max.)Workpiece mass2kg (max.)Resolution0.1°Positioning accuracy±0.5°Rotational speed10rpmCalibration glass chart & Compensation glass chartThese glass charts are used to compensate for the pixel size of the CAMERA chip, autofocus accuracy and the optical axis offset at each magnication of the Programmable Power Turret (PPT).


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