K-9KVision Measuring SystemsVision measuring systems for multipurpose useMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.•The Quick Vision Hybrid is an advanced machine offering vision measurement and high-speed scanning with a CCD camera and non-contact displacement sensor in parallel.•This model (excluding QV ACCEL and QV STREAM PLUS type) supports ISO10360-7: 2011 guaranteed accuracy (specications on request).QV HYBRID TYPE1, TYPE4SERIES 365 — CNC Vision Measuring System equippedwith Non-contact displacement sensorQVH4 606•The focusing point method minimizes the difference in the measuring face reectance and achieves high measurement reproducibility.• Capable of measuring detailed shapes in high resolution. Features: HYBRID TYPE1• Enables detection of high inclination angles for both mirror and diffused Surfaces.• The automatic lighting adjustment function allows for high accuracy measurements. • Surface roughness or thickness measurement of thin and transparent objects such as lm.Features: HYBRID TYPE4Non-contact displacement sensorVision headSPECIFICATIONSQV Apex HYBRID TYPE1ModelQVH1 Apex 302QVH1 Apex 404QVH1 Apex 606Optical systemPROPRO3PROPRO3PROPRO3Order No.365-170365-171365-180365-181365-190365-191Measuring range by vision probe (X×Y×Z)300×200×200mm400×400×250mm600×650×250mmMeasuring range by displacement sensor (X×Y×Z)180×200×200mm280×400×250mm480×650×250mmResolution of scale / Scale type0.1μm / Linear EncoderObservation Unit*1PPT1X-2X-6XImaging DeviceB&W CCD3 CCD ColorB&W CCD3 CCD ColorB&W CCD3 CCD ColorIllumination unit*2Co-axial LightWhite LEDTransmitted LightWhite LEDPRLWhite LEDMeasuring Accuracy*3 (Vision)E1X,E1Y(1.5+3L/1000)µmE1Z(1.5+4L/1000)µmE2XY(2+4L/1000)µmDisplacement sensor Measuring Accuracy*3 E1Z(1.5+4L/1000)µm Displacement sensor Detecting range of probe itself±0.5mmVertical resolving power10nmSpot diameterAbout ø2µmWorking distance (including the collision sensor)5mmOperating Temperature rangeAmbient temperature20±1°CTemperature variation2˚C / 8HStage glass size399×271mm493×551mm697×758mmMaximum stage loading*420kg40kg50kgMain unit external dimensions859×951×1609mm1027×1407×1778mm1309×1985×1794mmMain unit mass (including the sub-base)370kg589kg1460kg*1: The specific combination of 1X, 2X and 4X or 1X, 2X, 4X and 6X is available by custom order.*2: The color LED lighting or halogen lighting specification is available by custom order.*3: Determined by Mitutoyo’s inspection method. L is the measured length (mm). The optical condition for accuracy assurance is to be (QV-HR2.5X or QV-SL2.5X) + Middle magnification of the tube lens.*4: An excessively biased or concentrated load is excluded.* Append "S" to the end of code number to order a QV machine compatible with ISO10360-7:2011 Accuracy Assurance. (PRO machine only)Hyper QV HYBRID TYPE 1ModelHyper QVH1 302Hyper QVH1 404Hyper QVH1 606Optical systemPROPROPROOrder No.365-173365-183365-193Resolution of scale / Scale type0.02μm / Linear EncoderMeasuring Accuracy*1 (Vision)E1X,E1Y(0.8+2L/1000)µmE1Z(1.5+2L/1000)µmE2XY(1.4+3L/1000)µmDisplacement sensor Measuring Accuracy*1E1Z(1.5+2L/1000)µmOperating Temperature rangeAmbient temperature18 ~ 23°CTemperature variation0.5˚C / 1H and 1˚C / 24HTemperature Compensation functionAutomaticMaximum stage loading*215kg30kg40kg*1: Determined by Mitutoyo’s inspection method. L is the measured length (mm). The optical condition for accuracy assurance is to be (QV-HR2.5X or QV-SL2.5X) + Middle magnification of the tube lens.*2: An excessively biased or concentrated load is excluded. Other specifications are the same as those of the QVH1 Apex. For details, refer to above table.Form assessment software, FORMTRACEPAK-APApplication2D form analysisLaser line scanning toolWide variety of scanning tools as standard equipmentCheck with viewer functionMeasurement example) PCB


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