K-7KVision Measuring SystemsVision measuring systems for multipurpose useMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.•QV ACCEL is a system that focuses on measurement efciency, with the moving-bridge design eliminating the need for a moving stage. This allows a more simplied design of workpiece xturing, especially for light and thin workpieces, resulting in a signicant reduction in the time required for xture fabrication and inspection.•The QV ACCEL enables inspection capabilities to keep pace with the introduction of increasingly dense and downsized IC packages, as well as being suitable for inspecting large PCBs, metal masks and display panels.•All models feature surface, edge, and pattern autofocus systems offering measurement exibility for a variety of applications.A laser auto focus option (factory-installed only) that enables high-speed height measurement is available.QV ACCEL 1212QV ACCELSERIES 363 — Large-Sized CNC Vision Measuring SystemRefer to the QUICK VISION (Catalog No.E14007) for more details.QV ACCEL 808SPECIFICATIONSModelQV ACCEL 808QV ACCEL 1010QV ACCEL 1212QV ACCEL 1517Optical systemPROPRO3PROPRO3PROPRO3PROPRO3Standard Machine363-315363-316363-335363-336363-355363-356363-375363-376Tracking Auto Focus device363-321363-322363-341363-342363-361363-362363-381363-382Measuring range (X×Y×Z)800×800×150mm1000×1000×150mm1250×1250×100mm1500×1750×100mmResolution of scale / Scale type0.1μm/Linear EncoderObservation Unit*1PPT1X-2X-6XImaging DeviceB&W CCDColor CCDB&W CCDColor CCDB&W CCDColor CCDB&W CCDColor CCDIllumination Unit*2Co-axial LightWhite LEDTransmitted LightWhite LEDPRLWhite LEDAccuracy*3E1X, E1Y(1.5+3L/1000)µm(2.2+3L/1000)µmE1Z(1.5+4L/1000)µm(2.5+5L/1000)µmE2XY(2.5+4L/1000)µm(3.5+4L/1000)µmRepeatability*3Short dimensionXYaxis3σ=0.2μmLong dimension3σ=0.7μm3σ=1.5μmOperating Temperature rangeAmbient temperature20±1˚CTemperature variation2˚C / 8HStage glass size883×958mm1186×1186mm1440×1440mm1714×1968mmMaximum stage loading*410kg30kg30kg30kgMain unit external dimensions1475×1860×1578mm1912×2141×1603mm2166×2370×1554mm2440×2898×1554mmMain unit mass (not including the sub-base)2050kg2950kg3600kg4500kg*1: The specific combination of 1X, 2X and 4X or 1X, 2X, 4X and 6X is available by custom order.*2: The color LED lighting or halogen lighting specification is available by custom order.*3: Determined by Mitutoyo's inspection method. L is the measured length (mm). The optical condition for accuracy assurance is to be (QV-HR2.5X or QV-SL2.5X) + Low magnification of the tube lens.*4: An excessively biased or concentrated load is excluded.* The Laser Auto Focus (LAF) specification is available by custom order.


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