K-3KVision Measuring SystemsVision measuring systems for multipurpose useMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.•The Quick Vision series of CNC vision measuring machines are equipped with CCD cameras eliminating the need for visual alignment with a measuring microscope or projector. Automatic measuring can be easily achieved for electronic components, press molded products, resin molded products, etc.•The Quick Vision PRO features LEDs for all light sources. This provides enhanced edge detectability, low power consumption and a long service life.•A programmable power turret with high magnication reproducibility is used in the observation system, enabling automatically switchable magnication during measurement. (PRO/PRO3)•All models feature surface, edge, and pattern autofocus systems offering measurement exibility for a variety of applications.A laser autofocus system can be added as a factory-installed option.• A model equipped with the tracking focus function is also available.• The PRO type version of this model supports ISO10360-7:2011 guaranteed accuracy (specications on request).Programmable ring light Fine control of obliquity and direction provides illumination optimal for measurement. Obliquity can be arbitrarily set in the range from 30° to 80°. This type of illumination is effective for enhancing the edge of inclined surfaces or very small steps. Illumination can be controlled independently in every direction, back and forth, right and left. Measurement with edge enhancement is possible by forming a shadow by lighting from only one direction. The programmable ring light shows the effect of a nely stepped section and the enhanced contrast of an inclined plane.Measurement example of IC package terminal bottom widthImage viewed with Co-axial lightImage with programmable ring light Surface of workpieceParabolic mirrorToroidal mirror4-segment ring ber30°60°80°QV ApexSERIES 363 — Standard CNC Vision Measuring SystemHyper QVSERIES 363 — High-accuracy CNC Vision Measuring SystemQV Apex302Hyper QV 404Tracking Auto Focus (TAF)The TAF feature focuses continuously, adjusting to changes in the height of the object being measured. Automatic tracking of surface waves and warpage (in the Z-axis height direction) improves measurement throughput. The feature also cuts out the hassle of focusing during manual measurement, reducing the work burden for measuring system operators. In addition, Laser Auto Focus (LAF) function allows height measurement. Note: Continuous measurement of displacement is not performed.ParfocalParfocalSurface of workpieceAutomatic Z-axis trackingObjectiveLaser sourceSemiconductor laser (peak wavelength: 690nm)Laser safetyClass 2 (JIS C6802:2011, EN/IEC 60825-1:2007)Auto focus systemObjective coaxial autofocusing (knife-edge method)Applicable objectivesQV-HR1XQV-SL1XQV-HR2.5XQV-SL2.5XQV-5XTracking range *6.3mm(±3.15mm)6.3mm(±3.15mm)1mm(±0.5mm)1mm(±0.5mm)0.25mm(±0.125mm)* When using Tracking Auto Focus, be sure to set upper and lower limits in the software to prevent the objective colliding with the workpiece. The tracking range depends on the surface texture and reectance of a workpiece.


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