B-2BMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice. BBSmall Tool Instruments Micrometers Micrometer Heads Micrometers Micrometer Heads BINDEXMicrometerHigh-Accuracy Digimatic MicrometerB-3QuantuMikeB-5Coolant Proof MicrometersB-7Digimatic Outside MicrometersB-9QuickmikeB-10Absolute Digimatic MicrometersB-11Outside MicrometersB-13Ratchet Thimble MicrometersB-14Outside MicrometersB-15Digit Outside MicrometersB-18Digimatic straight line micrometer outside micrometerB-19Indicator Type MicrometersB-20Outside Micrometers with Interchangeable AnvilsB-21Outside Micrometers with Anvil Extension CollarsB-23Caliper Type MicrometersB-25Screw Thread MicrometersB-26Universal MicrometersB-283-Wire UnitsB-29Paper Thickness MicrometersB-30Disk MicrometersB-31Gear Tooth MicrometersB-33Disk Micrometers Non-Rotating Spindle TypeB-35Sheet Metal MicrometersB-37Tube MicrometersB-39Spline MicrometersB-42Point MicrometersB-44V-Anvil MicrometersB-46Blade Micrometers B-48Can Seam MicrometersB-50Hub Micrometers / Wire MicrometersB-51Crimp Height MicrometersB-52“Uni-Mike”B-53Limit MicrometersB-54Indicating MicrometersB-55Dial Snap MetersB-56Snap MetersB-57Groove MicrometersB-58Quick-MiniB-59Small Hole Gage Set / Telescoping Gage SetB-60Setting Standards for Outside MicrometersB-61Setting Standards for Screw Thread MicrometersB-63Setting Standards for V-Anvil MicrometersB-63Optical Parallels / Optical FlatsB-64Spindle Attachment Tips / Micrometer OilB-65Color-Coded Ratchets & Speeder CoversB-66Micrometer StandsB-67Introduction for Measurement data recording toolsfor Micrometers and Micrometer Heads (optional)B-68Quick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsB-69Micrometer HeadsMicrometer Head Selection GuideB-75Digimatic Micrometer HeadsB-77Ultra-small / Small TypeB-80Short Body with Choice of Thimble DiameterB-82Small-Standard TypeB-84Standard Type in Small Size with Zero-adjustable ThimbleB-86Small Standard Type with Carbide-tipped SpindleB-88Medium-sized Standard TypeB-90Medium-sized Standard Type with 8mm diameter spindleB-93Locking-screw TypeB-96Non-rotating Spindle TypeB-99Quick Spindle Feed of 1mm/revB-100Find Spindle Feed of 0.1mm/revB-101Fine spindle Feed of 0.25mm/revB-103Differential Screw Translator (Extra-Fine Feed) TypeB-104Large Thimble Type for Fine FeedB-105XY-Stage TypeB-107Non-rotating Spindle and Large Thimble / Fine Graduation and High AccuracyB-108Digit Counter type / Micro JackB-109Fixtures for Micrometer HeadsB-110Precision LeadscrewsB-112Quick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsB-113


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