J-21JMicroscopesMicroscope lineups that systemize observation, measurement and processingMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.VMU seriesSERIES 378 — Video Microscope Unit•Compact and lightweight microscope unit dedicated observation by camera.Suitable for inspecting metal surfaces, semiconductors, liquid crystal substrates, resin, etc.•A versatile microscope head typically used as an OEM product suitable for tting to specialist machines, such as those designed for inspection and repair of semiconductor wafers using YAG (near-infrared, visible, near-ultraviolet, or ultraviolet) laser*.* The performance and safety of the laser-equipped system products is not guaranteed. Applications: cutting, trimming, correcting, marking of semiconductor circuits / clearing & processing of thin lms (insulation lms), repairing (correcting failure) of liquid crystal color lters. Also suited for use as the optical observation section for a prober analyzing semiconductor failures. •For VMU-LB and VMU-LB, the rigidity and general performance of the microscope main unit have been enhanced compared with previous models.•Applications*: internal observation of silicon systems, spectral characteristics analysis using infrared, etc.* An infrared source and infrared camera are necessary.•Telecentric system equipped with an aperture diaphragm is standard on the surface illumination optical system. Best suited to process images for which the uniform illumination is required.Available for the dimensional measurement, form inspection, positioning, etc.•Design and manufacture are available to meet your demands such as double camera mounting, double (low/high) magnication.VMU-VVMU-HVMU-LBVMU-L4BSPECIFICATIONSModel No.VMU-VVMU-HVMU-LBVMU-L4BOrder No.378-505378-506378-513378-514Camera mounting directionVerticalHorizontalVerticalObservationBright eld/Erect imageBright eld/Inverted imageBright eld/Erect imageOptical tubeTV adapterEquipped with a C-mountEquipped with a C-mount (Equipped with a green lter switching mechanism) Image forming (tube) lensBuilt-in 1X (visible/near-infrared calibration) zoomBuilt-in 1X (near-infrared/visible/near-ultraviolet calibration) zoomBuilt-in 1X (visible/ultraviolet) zoomAvailable for lasers—YAG laser source(Basic, Second/Third harmonic) mountableYAG laser source(Second/Third/Fourth harmonic) mountableObjective lens(required option)For observationM Plan Apo series, M Plan Apo HR series, M Plan Apo SL series, G Plan Apo seriesFor laser processing—M/LCD Plan Apo NIR seriesM/LCD Plan Apo NUV seriesNote: Selected depending on the wavelength of the laser sourceM/LCD Plan Apo NIR seriesM/LCD Plan Apo NUV seriesM Plan UV seriesNote: Selected depending on the wavelength of the laser sourceApplicable camera(s)2/3 type or less cameras (C-mount type) Reected illumination optical systemTelecentric system equipped with an aperture diaphragmIllumination unit (optional)Fiber optics cable illumination unit (12V, 100W) (No.378-700*)/(15V, 150W) (No.176-316*)Main unit weight650g750g1270g1300gNote1: Besides the models shown above, products equipped with a compact Koehler illumination system intended for general observation are also available.Note2: The M Plan Apo 1X objective lens is used with the polarization unit (No.378-710).* Order numbers differ depending on the power supply cord.


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