J-7JProle ProjectorsFor efcient measurement, inspection and observation of very small workpieces Mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Accessories for Prole ProjectorsSERIES 172 — Prole ProjectorStandard ScalesReading Scales•Specially designed for inspecting the magnied image of a standard scale on the projection screen.172-116SPECIFICATIONS MetricGraduationRangeOrder No.Accuracy (20ºC)*0.1mm50mm172-116(3+5L/1000)µm0.1mm80mm172-330(3+5L/1000)µm*L = Measured length (mm)•Used for checking magnication accuracy.SPECIFICATIONS MetricGraduationRangeOrder No.Accuracy (20ºC)*0.5mm200mm172-118(15+15L/1000L)µm0.5mm300mm172-161(15+15L/1000L)µm0.5mm600mm172-329(15+15L/1000L)µm*L = Measured length (mm)InchGraduationRangeOrder No.Accuracy (20ºC)*.02"8"172-119.00071".02"2"172-162.00077"172-161172-118InchGraduationRangeOrder No.Accuracy (20ºC).01"2"172-117.00013"OPTOEYE (Projected image position detecting device)Built-in OPTOEYE (only PJ-H30D)• An edge detecting device for improving the measuring efficiency and reliability of a profile projector by removing the need to position the cross hairs on an edge manually. This has the effect of eliminating the operator variability factor from data entry and shortening the measurement time.• The detector uses an optical fiber that can be easily fixed on the screen with chart clips.• The device is provided with an error detection function that works if the screen light intensity changes.• This device can be retrofitted onto the QM-Data200 and does not need an AC adapter since power is supplied from the QM-Data200 through the connecting cable.• The X and Y-axis linear scales on the projector main unit are directly connected to the QM-Data200 during use of the Optoeye system.• This system can be used in combination with the QM-Data200 but is only available for the PJ-H30A. (PJ-H30D does not need this system because it has a built-in Optoeye sensor.)PJ-A3000 with OPTOEYE 200OPTOEYE 200 and detector mounting plate AOrder No.332-151ModelOPT-200IlluminationContour/surface*Detecting directivityNon directionMinimum detectable circleø2mmMinimum detectable line width1mmMaximum response speed1000mm/sIllumination range (Bright)30 - 1500ℓXBright-Dark eld difference20ℓX or higherRepeatability (contour illumination)σ=1µm** Mitutoyo’s conditionPJ-H30DDetecting sensor: Built in center of screen, non-directionalIllumination*, Minimum detectable circle: ø2mm (projected image size), Minimum line width: 1mm (projected image size), Repeatability: σ=1µm***Mitutoyo’s condition **Mitutoyo test conditionConguration of standard accessoriesElectronic unitDetector: Optical ber Connecting cable: For connecting electrical component main unit and QM-Data200Fixture for QM-Data200: For xing the electrical component main unit to QM-Data200Note) Detector mounting plate is an optional accessory.(No.12BAG139)


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