G-44GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.ø3.18-M3805.510525054.584.5424270min170558050*788482594857202618.5502210.515.59.59.514.59.541579012110902010303554653684295.565.515057.5130(Measuring position)Signal cableCable spaceRelay cableEmission UnitMax. 350Measuring rangeMeasuring rangeReception UnitBaseM4, depth 8, ø3.3 through hole (×3)For mounting side plate (same in the back)M4, depth 8, ø3.3 through hole (×2)For mounting side plate (same in the back)To Reception Unit(Cable length 1.4m) ø3.1, depth 6 (Reference hole)M4, depth 8 (×3)For mounting base ø3.1, depth 6 (Reference hole)M4, depth 8 (×3)For mounting baseDimension when disconnected (bottom view)Emission Unit: 1.1kgReception Unit: 0.6kgBase: 0.5kgSignal cable (5m): 0.5kg*7: Extendable up to 270mmSERIES 544 Laser Scan Micrometer (Measuring Unit)LSM-503S•Ensures ±1.0μm accuracy over the entire measuring range (0.3 to 30mm).•Narrow range accuracy of ±(0.6+0.1D)μm for high precision measurement.•Ultra-high speed measurement of 3200 scan/sec.Suitable for high speed lines or in applications subject to vibration. Optional Accessories• Multifunctional display unit, LSM-6200:• Easy-to-operate display unit, LSM-5200: • Standard calibration gage set (ø0.1, ø30.0): 02AGD130• Adjustable workstage: 02AGD490• Air blower: 02AGD240• Workstage: 02AGD270• Extension signal cable Unit: mmDIMENSIONSRefer to the Laser Scan Micrometer (Catalog No. E13004) for more details.Order No.Cable length02AGN780A5m02AGN780B10m02AGN780C15m02AGN780D20m• Extension relay cableOrder No.Cable length02AGC150A1m02AGC150B3m02AGC150C5mSPECIFICATIONSOrder No.544-535544-536Applicable laser standardsJISIEC, FDAUser's ManualJapanese versionEnglish versionMeasuring range0.3 to 30mmResolution0.02 to 100μm (selectable)Repeatability*1±0.11μmAccuracy*2 (20°C)Whole range±1.0μmSmall range±(0.6+0.1D)μm*3Positional error*4±1.5μmMeasuring range*510×30mm (0.3 to 30mm)Scanning rate3200 scans/sLaser wavelength650nm (Visible)Laser scanning speed226m/sOperating environmentTemperature0 to 40°CHumidityRH 35 to 85% (no condensation)Protection LevelIP64*6*1: Determined by the value of ±2 (: standard deviation) when measuring ø30mm at the interval of 0.32 sec. (average 1024 times).*2: Center of the measuring range for cylindrical workpieces outside diameter.*3: D=Difference in diameter between the master gage and workpiece (Unit: mm)*4: An error of the outside diameter due to variation in workpiece position either in the optical axis direction or in the scanning direction.*5: The area given by [optical axis direction]×[scanning direction].*6: The protection level provided for the interior. If the workpiece or glass of the measuring unit window is soiled by water or dust, the unit may malfunction.Laser safetyMitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers use a low-power visible laser for measurement. The laser is a CLASS 2 EN/IEC60825-1 (2007) device. Warning and explanation labels, as shown right, are attached to the Laser Scan Micrometers as is appropriate.Order No.Remarks544-046Japanese user's manual544-047English user's manualOrder No.Display typeRemarks544-071Japanese mm/EJapanese user's manual544-071*English mm/EEnglish user's manual544-072*English mm/inch* To denote your AC power cable add the following suffixes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, F for SAA, K for KC, C and No suffix are required for PSE."


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