F-71FMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Inspection Instrument for IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.i-Checker SERIES 170An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.182211225532180160352184The i-Checker is specially designed to calibrate dial indicators, dial test indicators, and other electronic comparison gage heads with a stroke of up to 100mm (4").•±(0.2+L/100)µm indication accuracy.•Directly inspects an indicator with a stroke of up to 100mm (4"). The dial test indicator, bore gage and lever-type inductive head can be inspected with optional accessories.Using test indicator attachment set (02ASK000)•Adjustment of the measurement position is very easily accomplished because of semi-automatic measurement and fully automatic measurement functions.•Creates and prints out a simple inspection certicate.•Saves inspection results as a CSV le for analysis by software.Optional Accessories02ASK000:Test indicator attachment set (ø6mm stem)02ASK180:Test indicator attachment set (ø8mm stem)02ASK370:Test indicator holder (ø6mm stem)02ASK380:Test indicator holder (ø8mm stem)02ASL310:Accessory for Bore gages902803:ø6mm dovetail grooved stem902804:ø8mm dovetail grooved stem02ASK040:Stem bush ø6mm02ASJ856:Stem bush ø8mm02ASK150:Stem bush ø8mm, short02ASL150:Stem bush ø10, short02ASK050:Bush ø9.5 (Requires 02ASK070)02ASK060:Stem bush ø12mm02ASK070:Stem bush ø15mm02ASK080:Stem bush ø20mm02ASK710:Stem bush ø28mm02ASK090:Stem bush 3/8”02ASK130:Stem bush case02ASK730:Reector937179T:Foot switchDIMENSIONSTechnical DataMeasuring Range:100mm/4"Resolution:0.02µm/0.8µinAccuracy:±(0.2+L/100)µm in vertical position(at 20°C)±(0.3+2L/100)µm in lateral positionL = arbitrary length (mm)Drive method:Electric motorMeasuring Unit:Reective-type glass linear encoderThermal expansion coefcient: (8±1)X10-6/K MeasurementSemi-automatic / Fullymethod:automatic*Dimensions:184 x 225 x 532mm (W x D x H)Operating temperature range: 20°C±3°CPower supply:100VAC to 240VAC ±10%, 50/60HzMass:20kg/44.1lbs*Automatic measurement requires the indicator's connection cable. Additionally some form of indicator, along with a connecting machine (the optional accessory for indicator as a Digimatic power-supply unit on EF counter) will be needed.FunctionsInspect your analog indicator semi-automatically!The pointer of the analog indicator is positioned just before the measuring point automatically via Mitutoyo’s Semi-automatic Measurement function. After that, inspection begins simply by adjusting the pointer position with the jog-dial. Because of this function, measurement time is re-duced and user fatigue is practically eliminated. Additionally all functions necessary for inspection are com-bined in the control box so that the operator need not rely on excessive eye movement to adjust the pointer.Fully automatic inspection of digital indicatorThe Automatic Measurement function, in tandem with a digital indicator makes the spindle move so that measurement data is acquired automatically. Therefore, manual ad-justment to the measurement posi-tion is unnecessary and the efciency of every inspection is enhanced.Create and printout a simplied inspection certicateIt is possible to create, edit and print out your own inspec-tion certicate. Furthermore, that data can be saved as a CSV le.SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.*Remarks170-311with ø8mm bush170-312with ø3/8” bush*To denote your AC power cable add the following sufxes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, E for BS, K for EK, No sufx is required for JIS/100V*Calibration certicate and traceability system chart are attached as atandard.Applicable Indicators•Dial indicator•Test indicator*•Hicator•Bore gage**•Digimatic indicator***•Linear gage*requires optional test indicator attachment set.*Contact the nearest Mitutoyo sales ofce for testable indicators.**requires optional bore gage accessory.***requires optional SPC cable for fully automatic measurement.Unit: mm1. Press of data button Inputs the current position data and moves spindle just before the next measurement position automatically. 2. Positioning by Jog-dial 3. Press of data button Inputs the current position data and moves spindle just before the next measurement position automatically. Note: It is possible to specify the scale graduation increment so that spindle movement and data transfer are performed automatically.Automatic transfer Automatic transfer Automatic transfer Automatic transfer


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