F-49FMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Dial IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.• Back plunger type dial gauges are suitable for mounting onto leveling machine tool tables or inspection jigs, and for use in small spaces where the graduations of standard dial gauges are difcult to see. • Models 2960T, 2961T, 2990T-10 and 2991T-10, which use Mitutoyo’s proprietary shock-proong mechanism, have excellent durability and shock resistance. • Model 2990T-10 provides 0.001mm graduation.Back Plunger Type Dial IndicatorSERIES 2Metric Order No.GraduationRange (range/rev)AccuracyRepeatbilityDial readingMeasuring forceOverallRetrace1/10 Rev1 Rev2960T0.01mm1mm (1.27mm)14µm4µm8µm—3µm50-0-501.4N or less2990T-100.001mm0.1mm (0.14mm)5µm2µm2.5µm—1µm50-0-501.5N or lessMetricOrder No.———2960T44————2990T-10444———InchOrder No.———2961T44————299T-10444———ISO/JIS typeInch Order No.GraduationRange (range/rev)AccuracyRepeatbilityDial readingMeasuring forceFirst 1 Rev / 2.5 Rev / 10 RevRetrace2961T.0005”.04” / .05”±.0005” / — / —.00016”±.0001”20-0-201.4N or less2991T-10.0001”.008” / .01”±.0002” / — / —.0001”±.00005”4-0-41.5N or lessANSI/AGD typeDIMENSIONS Unit: mmISO/JIS TypeANSI/AGD TypeHolding bar (optional) Order No.øDL21AAA166ø6mm42mm136567ø6mm81mm124625ø6.35mm81mm21AAA167ø6.35mm42mm21AAA168ø8mm42mm136568ø8mm81mm* øD and L: detail shown in drawing below.2960T2990T-102960T One revolution Shockproof Back plunger2990T-10 One revolution Shockproof Back plunger Jeweled bearingBalanced scale 10100Balanced scale 10100Holding barGraduation: 0.01mm, Measuring range: 1mmGraduation: 0.01mm, Measuring range: 1mmAn inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.φ80-0.009φ55.612.823.728M2.5x0.455φ55.628φ8-0.009 023.712.8φ35.622.1M2.5×0.45φ4(ø6 only)Holding bar (optional)M2.5×0.45F-49-1(2960F)ø8 0-0.009ø4øDLBøAFGEøCH5Holding bar (optional)(ø6 only)M2.5×0.45546ø35.622.212.828.7ø5723.3LøDø4ø8 0-0.009FGB5HM2.5×0.45ø8 0-0.009ø4EøCFGøAB5Holding bar (optional)M2.5×0.455ø5839.1ø5759.517.526.5ø5125.5øDLø4ø8 0-0.0092990T-102960T(ø6 only)Holding bar (optional)No.4-48UNFø4øDL23.3ø572510.922.2ø35.640.45ø9.52 0-0.03No.4-48UNFHolding bar(optional)ø58ø9.52 0-0.03ø4L25.5ø5126.513.555.5ø5739.152991T-102961T* The shoulder on a contact point (standard accessory) for 2960T and 2961T acts as a stop to prevent spindle overrun that may otherwise damage the indicator. For this reason, if you need to install an optional contact point with an outside diameter smaller than 7mm, use a washer (with outside diameter of at least 7mm, inside diameter of 3mm, and thickness of approx. 0.5mm) placed between the contact point and the spindle.* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical position (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical position (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.


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