F-2FMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice. Small Tool Instruments Digimatic Indicators Dial Indicators/ Dial Test IndicatorsDial Indicators Dial Indicator Applications and StandsDial Test IndicatorsFFFDigimatic IndicatorsFINDEXDigimatic IndicatorsABS Solar-Powered Digimatic Indicator ID-SSF-3ABS Digimatic Indicator ID-SXF-4ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-CXF-5ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-N/BF-7ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Peak-Value Hold Type)F-9ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Bore Gage Type)F-10ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Calculation Type)F-11ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Signal Output Function Type)F-13ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-U (Slim and Economical Design)F-14Digimatic Indicator ID-H (High Accuracy and High Functionality Type)F-15ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-FF-17EC CounterF-18Dial IndicatorsDial IndicatorsF-19Dial Indicator (Standard Type, 0.01mm Graduation) F-21Dial Indicator (Standard Type, 0.001 & 0.005mm Graduation) F-23Dial Indicator (Waterproof Type, 0.01mm & 0.001mm Graduation) F-25Dial Indicator (Standard Type, Inch Reading) F-27Dial Indicator (Standard One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading) F-29Dial Indicator (Standard One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading,Waterproof Type) F-31Dial Indicator (Standard One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading,Lightweight Type)F-33Dial Indicator (Long Stroke Type)F-35Dial Indicator (Compact Type, Small Diameter)F-37Dial Indicator (Compact Type, Small Diameter)F-39Dial Indicator (Compact One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading)F-41Dial Indicator (Long Stroke Type, large Diameter)F-43ANSI/AGD Type Metric Dial IndicatorF-45Dial Indicator (Special Dial Indicators)F-47Back Plunger Type Dial IndicatorF-49Contact PointsF-51Interchangeable BacksF-55Optional Accessories for Digimatic and Dial IndicatorsF-56Introduction for Measurement data recording tools for Digimatic Indicators (optional)F-60Dial Test IndicatorsLever-Type Dial IndicatorsF-61Horizontal TypeF-62Horizontal (20° Tilted Face), Vertical, and Parallel TypesF-64Universal TypeF-66Pocket Type Dial Test IndicatorF-67Styli, Stems and HoldersF-69 Dial Indicator Applicationsi-Checker F-71UDT-2 Dial Gage TesterF-72Calibration TesterF-72Thickness GagesF-73Contact Force Gage F-76Dial Caliper GageF-77Dial Snap GageF-78StandsMagnetic StandF-79Dial Gage Stand F-81Granite Comparator StandsF-83Comparator StandsF-84Transfer StandF-85V-Block SetF-86Quick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsF-87


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