A-6AMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Measurement Data Input UnitInput Tool SERIES IT-016U / IT-007RUSB Keyboard Signal Conversion Type IT-016U / IT-007RThe IT-012U, a popular USB input tool that enables easy data recording, has been upgraded.For the same price, usability is improved with extended functionality to help you do inspection work more efficiently.RS-232C Communication Conversion Type IT-007RInput tool for RS-232C communication best suited for communication control of the software!The IT-016U is equipped with a connector socket for a push-button or switch-foot operation.Control is available by transmitting data request commands via RS-232C communication.Functional improvements include:•A bigger, easy-to-press data switch. Size increased from ø4mm to ø18mm.Durability of the push button increases from 1 million to 10 million operations.•May be used with optional software USB-ITPAK V2.0.Enables efficient routine inspection work, for example, in mass production.For example, production engineers can create communication programs to load the measurement data by transmitting a command from the PC.This product is a compact and low-cost RS-232C communication interface, which is convenient when it is installed in a machine tool or dedicated device to feed back measurement data.Main Specifications of IT-016USupported driver software: Changeable between two typesOutput specification: USB2.0 or USB1.0(1) Stand-alone: HID keyboard device*(2) Using USB-ITPAK V2.0: Virtual COM port (VCP)Communication speed: 12Mbps (Full Speed)Power supply: USB bus powerUSB2.0 certificateConforms to EMC Directives* This product is compatible with the standard driver software for Windows. No dedicated driver software is required.Specifications of IT-007R RS-232C Communication• Output specification: RS-232C compliantCommunication method: Full duplexCommunication speed: 2400bps (fixed)Bit configuration:Start bit 1 Data length 8 (Most significant bit, 0 (fixed)) Parity, None Stop bit 1Flow control: NoneHome position: DCE (modem definition)• Data format• Data request signalData can be output by transmitting a character from the PC.• Connector specification and power supply from the PCThis product operates while accumulating the power supplied from the PC. A second or more input interval is required.⑤④③②①⑨⑧⑦⑥Pin No.Symbolin/outDescription of functions1(N.C.)—No connection2RXDOUTData output from this product to the PC3TXDINData input from the PC to this product4DTRIN+12 V power supply from the PC*5GND—Ground6DSROUTNot used7RTSIN+12 V power supply from the PC*8CTSOUTNot used9(N.C.)—No connection* "4" and "6", "7" and "8" are short-circuited with each other inside this product.* When connecting to a sequencer, a power supply is required. Input voltage: Supplied in the range 6 V - 16 V Power supply terminal: Supplied to pins 4 and 7IT-016U/IT-007R System CongurationSystem Environment• Hardware:PC with USB socket (Type A)• Supporting OS:• Software:Programs supporting keyboard input(Excel, Word, memo pad, etc.)USB-ITPAK V2.0 (optional)System Environment• Hardware:PC or sequencer with a serial port (D-sub 9 pin)• Software:A program compatible with the RS-232C communication (such as a hyper terminal) is required.USB socket(Type A)Connection portD-sub 9 pinSerial portFoot switch (optional)Connector shapeABCDEFGConnect the digimatic connector to the gageConnect the unit to a USB port of the PCDigimatic gageInput toolConnecting cable (optional)Connecting cable (optional)PCSwitch box (optional)Foot switch (optional) Gage selector 3 (optional)No.937179TNo.939039Connecting cable 2mRefer to pages A-21 and A-22 for details.Connector7 types (A to G) + 4 L typesUSB keyboard signal conversion model Model: IT-016U Order No. 264-016Data output is available by transmitting data request commands from the PC.RS-232C communication conversion typeModel: IT-007ROrder No. 264-007②①②This selector can connect up to 3 measuring gages and switching is available with the slide switches without changing connecting cables. Connecting cable (length: 1m) between two input tools is a standard accessory (No. 936937).Connect the unit to a serial port of the PCWindows98SEWindowsMeWindows2000WindowsXPWindowsVistaWindows7Windows8Windows 8.1CBFDigimatic indicatorDigimatic micrometerRefer to pages A-21 and A-22 for details of Digimatic ports and connectors.Digimatic caliper(1) When data output(2) Error code outputD1D2D3D4D5D6D7D8D9D10D11D12D13"0 1 A" (xed)Signs, "+" or "–"Output order —>CRData parts (Floating decimal point)D1D2D3D4"9 1" (xed)Error code No.1: No data input2: Loaded data with format other than speciedExample of format Display Output data 0.123 —> 01A + 0000.123CR —>−0.1234 —> 01A − 000.1234CRCR①Cable length: 1m or 2mGAGEDATAIT-016UIT-007RFoot switchThe HID keyboard device (standard driver software for Windows) is automatically recognized when connected to a USB port.* HID (Human Interface Device)①②


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