E-20EMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Base619009Connector D619034Connector E619035Used for attaching a long gauge block directly to the base. Half round jaw619013*2Plain jaw619018*2Scriber point619019Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5μmFlatness tolerance of the bottom surface 1μmUsed for attaching a long gauge block to the base over a stack of regular gauge blocks wrung between the base and long gauge block. The length is highly adjustable to accommodate the variable length of the stack.4065.5210= 70 - 175mmAdapter 619036 (1pc.)Finished surfaceHolder mount35±0.000835±0.000872105Holder mountFinished surface16025°Measuring and nished surface920Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 1µmMeasuring faceFinished surface75251312±0.0005mm9Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5µmFinished surface5098.5Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5µmAssortment of accessories for gauge blocks For inside and outside measurement inspection of 300 to 1000 mm (every 100mm) gauge blocks, select the appropriate combination of a rectangular gauge block and an accessory. Items Order No.300mm400mm500mm600mm700mm800mm900mm1000mmInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerInnerInnerOuterInnerOutInnerOuter Rectangular gauge block (nominal dimension) 200mm61168211300mm611683111111400mm61168411111111500mm61168511111122Connector A 6190311111111111Connector B*161903222222222Half round jaws*261901311111111Adapter 619036(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)*1 Provided with adapters (2 pcs)*2 2 pcs/set Setting a dial test indicator to a long-gauge-block stack attached to the base with a D-type connector


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