E-3EMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.1. Corrosion ResistantAnti-corrosion treatment is not required when handled normally (i.e. with ngers), resulting in simple maintenance and storage.2. No Burrs Caused by Accidental MishandlingSince the CERA Block is very hard, it will not scratch easily and is highly resistant to burrs. If a burr is formed, it can easily be removed with a ceramic deburring stone (Ceraston).3. Abrasion Resistant CERA Blocks have 10 times the abrasion resistance of steel gauge blocks.4. Dimensionally Stable CERA Blocks are free from dimensional change over time.5. Clearly Marked SizesBlack characters, indicating the nominal length, are inscribed by laser and are clearly visible against the white surface of the block.6. Non-magnetic Nature Prevents Steel Swarf Contamination7. High Wringing Force Superior atness and surface nish provides maximum wringing force.Features and AccuraciesSelecting Gauge Blocks• Select gauge blocks in accordance with the combination range required.If a large length is required, add a long block set.• Select gauge blocks in accordance with the minimum length step required. Add wear block sets if necessary.• If a set containing a large number of gauge blocks is selected, the number of combination gauge blocks required for a length is reduced and the number of combinations is increased. The accuracy will be retained and damage will be reduced.• The specic gauge block set for micrometer inspection and caliper inspection is available (refer to page E-11 for details).• If using only one length repeatedly, it is a good idea to purchase discrete gauge blocks (refer to page E-13, E-14, E-15, E-16, and E24 for details) .• The 2mm-based gauge blocks, which take the base of the minimum length step as 2mm, are easy to handle and will not warp, as compared to the 1mm-based gauge blocks.Features of Mitutoyo Gauge BlocksAccuracyMitutoyo offers 3 types of gauge block for use as length standards: rectangular steel, rectangular ceramic (CERA Blocks) and square steel gauge blocks. In addition, rectangular and square protection blocks (1mm and 2mm for each) are available in tungsten carbide. Mitutoyo gauge blocks are recognized to be of the highest quality both here in Japan and abroad, and are available in various grades to meet every need in respect of working conditions, environment and application.As a world-leading precision measuring equipment manufacturer, Mitutoyo is certied by the Japanese government as an accredited calibration laboratory, which means that the accuracy of its gauge blocks is guaranteed through traceability to the Metrology Management Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).Wringing Lapping measuring surfaces is one of Mitutoyo’s specialties. Our advanced technique, developed over more than half a century, enables us to achieve the optimum atness and surface nish needed for gauge blocks and thus maximize the wringing force.Abrasion Resistance and Dimensional Stability of Steel BlocksHigh-carbon high-chrome steel is employed to satisfy a variety of the material characteristics required for gauge blocks. Our advanced heat treatment technology for steel blocks, which involves repeated temperature cycling, simultaneously achieves excellent abrasion resistance and minimizes any change in length over time. CERA BlocksCERA blocks are made of a ceramic material with a superior surface nish, created by Mitutoyo’s ultra-precision machining techniques, that provides a premium quality block with signicant advantages: Abrasion loss dataSteelTungsten carbideCERA Block200000.20.4Abrasion loss (µm)400060008000Sliding distance (m)30 or 35mm *9Hole ø6.7 Rectangular gauge blocksSquare gauge b* Depends on the nominal size. More than 10mm 10mm or less Nominal size-0.05-0.2 0-0.330 or 35mm *24.1924.1Hole ø6.7 mm Rectangular gauge blocksSquare gauge blocks* Depends on the nominal size. More than 10mm 10mm or less Nominal sizeNominal size-0.05-0.2 0-0.3±0.1±0.1Gauge BlocksLength Standards Brought to You by MitutoyoClassication of Gauge Blocks by ShapeMitutoyo broadly divides gauge blocks into two categories according to the block shape.Coupling holes in long rectangular gauge blocks25±0.535–0.3025±0.5Airy point markers2-ø10Nominal sizeL×0.2119–0.2–0.05


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