D-6DMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.IP67 protection levelSecond characteristic number Protection from liquids (water, etc.) Brief descriptionDescription7Protected against water penetration.Ingress of water in quantities causing harmful effects shall not be possible when the enclosure is temporarily immersed in water under standardized conditions of pressure and time.First characteristic number Protection from solid objects (people or things) Brief description Description6Dust-proof.No ingress of dust allowed.For details of the test conditions used in evaluating each degree of protection, please refer to the original standard. 6 7FunctionsOrigin-set: Absolute origin position can be changed.Data output: Measurement data output connector allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems.Automatic power on/off: LCD display will turn off after 20 minutes inactivity, but the ABS scale unit origin is stored. Power is restored when the slider is moved. Alarm: Error message is displayed if error in calculation is found and measurement is stopped. Measurement will not be continued while error is displayed. Also, if the battery voltage becomes low, “B” appears to alert the user before measurement is no longer possible. DIMENSIONSInch/MetricOrder No.RangeAccuracy*MassMeasurement data output portThumb rollerRemarks500-731-200 - 6"±.001"/ ±0.02mm168g—Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-732-200 - 8"198g500-733-200 - 6"168gCarbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-734-200 - 8"198g500-735-200 - 6"168gCarbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-736-200 - 8"198g500-737-200 - 6"168g500-738-200 - 8"198gCarbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement500-752-200 - 6"168g—500-753-200 - 8"198g500-762-200 - 6"168g500-763-200 - 8"198g500-768-200 - 6"168g—Depth bar ø1.9mm500-769-200 - 6"168gDepth bar ø1.9mm500-764-100-12""±.0015""/±0.03mm"350g500-754-10350g—* Not including quantizing error of ±1 count in LSDHCDBALRangeABCDHL0 - 15016.52114.640162330 - 2002024.518.150290Outside jaw thickness = 3.5mmMain beam thickness = 3.5mmSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeAccuracy*MassMeasurement data output portThumb rollerRemarks500-702-200 - 150mm±0.02mm168g—500-703-200 - 200mm198g500-712-200 - 150mm168g500-713-200 - 200mm198g500-719-200 - 150mm168gDepth bar ø1.9mm500-721-200 - 150mm168gCarbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement500-722-200 - 200mm198g500-723-200 - 150mm168gCarbide-tipped jaws for ouatside and inside measurement500-724-200 - 200mm198g500-714-100-300mm±0.03mm350g500-718-11345g—500-704-10350g—500-708-11345g—* Not including quantizing error of ±1 count in LSDUnit: mm


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