C-27CMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Bore GagesSERIES 526 — for Extra Small Holes• These gages are designed to measure the diameters of very small holes. The radial displacement of the split-ball anvil is converted to axial displacement of the measuring rod, which is shown on the dial indicator.• Alternative indicators may be used in place of those recommended*.* Some indicators and protection covers cannot be used with these bore gages. Contact a Mitutoyo sales ofce if considering the use of dial or digimatic indicators other than the recommended models. • An optional stand (215-120-10) is available for efcient measurement of multiple small holes. Refer to page C-30 for details.Pin point1/2·LL1/2·LAnvilBore GagesFor easy and accurate measurement of inside diametersMeasurement principleTechnical DataAccuracy Metric models: 4μm Inch models: .00016"Repeatability Metric models: 2μm Inch models: .00008"Optional Accessories – : Dial indicator (See Chapter F) 21DZA000: Dial protection cover 215-120-10: Stand for small holesRecommended dial indicators (see Chapter F)Metric models:2046SB (0.01mm)2972TB (0.01mm - One-revolution type)2109SB-10 (0.001mm)2900SB-10 (0.001mm - One-revolution type)Inch models:2922SB (.0005")2977TB (.0005" - One-revolution type)2923SB-10 (.0001")2910SB-10 (.0001" - One-revolution type)Recommended digimatic indicators (see Chapter F)Metric models:543-310B (ID-C112GXB: 0.001mm)Inch models:543-312B (ID-C112GEXB: 0.001mm/.00005")* Indicators equipped with rubber bellows, such as water-proof types, cannot be used.SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeContent of setProbing depthBore gageDial indicatorDial protection coverAnvilPin pointSetting ring526-1700.95-1.55mm526-170Not suppliedNot supplied5 pcs.1 pc.5 pcs.11.5mm526-1601.50-4.00mm526-1609 pcs.2 pcs.9 pcs.17.5, 22.5mm526-1503.70-7.30mm526-1507 pcs.1 pc.7 pcs.32.0mm526-1720.95-1.55mm526-1702109SB-10(Graduation 0.001mm)21DZA0005 pcs.1 pc.5 pcs.11.5mm526-1621.50-4.00mm526-1609 pcs.2 pcs.9 pcs.17.5, 22.5mm526-1523.70-7.30mm526-1507 pcs.1 pc.7 pcs.32.0mm526-1730.95-1.55mm526-1702046SB(Graduation: 0.01mm)21DZA0005 pcs.1 pc.5 pcs.11.5mm526-1631.50-4.00mm526-1609 pcs.2 pcs.9 pcs.17.5, 22.5mm526-1533.70-7.30mm526-1507 pcs.1 pc.7 pcs.32.0mmInchOrder No.RangeContent of setProbing depthBore gageDial indicatorDial protection coverAnvilPin pointSetting ring526-175.037-.061”526-175Not suppliedNot supplied5 pcs.1 pc.5 pcs..45”526-165.06-.157”526-1659 pcs.2 pcs.9 pcs..68,.88”526-155.145-.29”526-1557 pcs.1 pc.7 pcs.1.25”526-176.037-.061”526-1752923SB-10(Graduation: .0001")21DZA0005 pcs.1 pc.5 pcs..45”526-166.06-.157”526-1659 pcs.2 pcs.9 pcs..68,.88”526-156.145-.29”526-1557 pcs.1 pc.7 pcs.1.25”526-170* The dial indicator and the protection cover are optional.


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