B-75BMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Also refer to “Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments” from page B-113.Measuring rangeMain feature of headSeriesPage0 - 1mm/0- .02"High-FunctionDifferential Screw Translator (Extra-Fine Feed) Type 110B-1040 - 2.5mm/0- .05"High-FunctionDifferential Screw Translator (Extra-Fine Feed) Type(11)B-1040 - 5mm/0- .2"High-FunctionFine Spindle Feed of 0.1mm/rev(1)148B-101, B-102StandardUltra-small / Small Type(5)B-80, B-810 - 6.5mm/0- .25"StandardLocking-screw Type(2)B-96 - B-98High-FunctionFine Spindle Feed of 0.1mm/rev(1)B-101, B-102High-FunctionFine Spindle Feed of 0.25mm/revB-103StandardUltra-small / Small Type(5)B-80, B-81Short Body with Choice of Thimble Diameter(6)B-82, B-830 - 10mmHigh-FunctionLarge Thimble Type for Fine Feed(13)152B-105, B-1060 - 13mm/0- .5"StandardLocking-screw Type(2)148B-96 - B-98High-FunctionFine Spindle Feed of 0.25mm/revB-103Differential Screw Translator (Extra-Fine Feed) Type(11)110B-104Short Body with Choice of Thimble Diameter(6)148B-82, B-83StandardSmall Standard Type(3)B-84, B-85Small Standard Type with Zero-adjustable Thimble(10)B-86, B-87SELECTION TABLEMounted on measuring instruments and precision instruments, micrometer heads are used for various purposes including measurement, feeding and positioning. Recent developments in technology have seen the micrometer head widely utilized in precise feeding devices and cross-travel stages on laser instruments and manipulators, in addition to the usual duties on measurement jigs. In parallel with the application expansion, the customer’s needs have increased. To meet customer demands, Mitutoyo provides standard micrometer heads with different measuring ranges, stem type and body size. Furthermore, high-performance types of Digimatic Micrometer Head, 0.1mm spindle-pitch models (standard 0.5mm), etc., are now available for the new applications. Mitutoyo also provides customization services for special applications. Micrometer heads with customized spindle tips and precision leadscrews manufactured to customer specication can be offered even in one-off quantities. (1)(5)(6)(7)(8)Presicion lead screw(2)(4)(3)(3)Micrometer Head Selection GuideThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instruments


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