B-59BMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.MicrometerThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instrumentsQuick-MiniSERIES 700• Lightweight and palm-sized.• Highly suitable for quick dimensional inspection of small, thin and delicate objects. • Functions: origin setting and zero-setting. • Application examples Measurement of small objects: pearls, jewels, shims for engine tappets and screws.Measurement of thin objects: printing paper, polyethylene bags, sheet materials, foods including noodles, lenses for glasses, media substrates, foils, thin plates and medical products including lter cloths. Measurement of ne lines and bars: shing lines, dental reamers, pasta, drills for PCB and hard wiring.DIMENSIONSUnit: mm2065.211293523.5ø5(44.8)2063.857.211(72.3)166700-119-20SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*Mass700-119-200 - 12mm0.01mm±0.0270 g* Excluding quantizing errorInch/MetricOrder No.RangeResolutionAccuracy*Mass700-118-200"- 5"/ 0 - 12mm.0005"/0.01mm±.001"70 g* Excluding quantizing error700-119-20Technical DataSR44 (1 pc), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)


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