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Techno Service Business Division, Mitutoyo Corporation

The Techno Service Business Division is a global MRA accredited laboratory based on ISO/IEC 17025, and provide on-site calibration service for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) / Vision Measuring Systems, and Rockwell / Vickers Hardness Testing Machines.
For this reason, we can respond to wide range of demands of various customers such as the enterprises certified under IATF 16949, quality management system standards for the automotive industry.
* Some models do not correspond to the condition mentioned above. Please contact us about the detail.

Accreditation No.
Accredited Laboratory
Techno Service Business Division, Mitutoyo Corporation

Type of Service Calibration Range CMC
(Level of Confidence Approximetly 95%)
[L is measured length (mm)]
up to 61 mm (0.1+0.6·L /1000) μm
up to 650 mm (0.13+0.11·L /1000) μm
up to 1000 mm (0.2+0.2·L /1000) μm
up to 10000 mm (0.1+0.6·L /1000) μm


Type of service Calibration Range CMC
(Level of Confidence Approximately 95%)
On-site Calibration
Rockwell Hadness
Testing Machines, etc
Rockwell Hardness
Testing Machines
From 20 HRC
up to 25 HRC
0.45 HRC
More than 25 HRC
less than 35 HRC
0.46 HRC
From 35 HRC
up to 45 HRC
0.44 HRC
More than 45 HRC
less than 55 HRC
0.41 HRC
From 55 HRC
up to 65 HRC
0.37 HRC
Vickers Hardness
Testing Machines, etc.
Vickers Hardness
Testing Machines
From 85 HV up to 1050 HV
(Test force from 0.9807 N up
to 490.4 N )
a) d > 170 μm
2.4 %
d ≦ 170 μm
(230 / d + 1.1) %
Where: d is the length of a
diagonal line of the
indentation (μm)