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Downloadable leaflets

Leaflet list of Coordinate Measuring Machines

Leaflet No.E16023(2) Updated on May 2018
CMM Overview

Leaflet No.E16012(2) Updated on January 2015
LEGEX Series

Leaflet No.E16020 Updated on January 2015
LEGEX Series

Leaflet No.E16001(5) Updated on June 2014
STRATO-Apex Series

Leaflet No.E16004(8) NEW! Updated on October 2018
CRYSTA-Apex S Series

Leaflet No.E16015(2) Updated on August 2015
CRYSTA-Apex EX Series

Leaflet No.E16009 Updated on November 2014
CRYSTA-Apex S1200/1600/2000Series
FALCIO Apex2000/3000Series

Leaflet No.E16010(3) Updated on August 2015
MACH Series

Leaflet No.E16014 Updated on December 2013
CARB Series

Leaflet No.E16000(5) NEW! Updated on May 2017

Leaflet No.E16013 Updated on November 2016
Crysta-Plus M443/M500/M700 series

Leaflet No.E16005(2) Updated on August 2014
Probes for Coordinate Measuring Machines

Leaflet No.E16019(2) Updated on March 2015
MiCAT Palnner

Leaflet No.E16022 Updated on May 2016

Leaflet No.E16006(2)
SpinArm-Apex series

Leaflet No.E16007

Leaflet No.E11000
Introduction to Precision Measuring Instrument Solutions
— Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries Edition —

Leaflet No.E11012 NEW! Updated on March 2017
Introduction to Precision Measuring Instrument Solutions
— Line-side/In-line Measurement —