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Press Release

December 25, 2014

Calculating Indicators Support Special Measurements
New ABS Digimatic Indicators for Calculation, Peak-Value Hold and Bore Gage


  Mitutoyo Corporation (Headquarters: Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Toru Nakagawa) has developed and commercialized three new models of our Digimatic Indicator in the special-functionality ID series that feature improved operability and ease of use. The three products are the "Calculation model / ID-C112RX" that provides direct readout for dedicated measuring jigs; the "Peak-Value Hold model / ID-C112AX" that stores maximum, minimum and runout values; and the "Bore Gage model / ID-C112GX", an inside-diameter measurement display ideally suited for commercially available bore gages. The Calculation model / ID-C112RX will be introduced in January 2015, with the other two models following in February 2015.

  Equipped with the absolute linear encoder inherited from the present model released in 1998, these indicators are free of overspeed errors. Sampling is performed 50 times per second to ensure the acquisition of peak values, and runout and maximum/minimum values are held simultaneously (the bore gage type only holds the minimum value). All models feature a new, wide, LCD panel for increased visibility that also incorporates an analog bar graph for enhanced operability. The five control buttons are arranged and sized to improve operability during measurement, and icons displaying status and assist-button functions allow various functions to be set with simple operations. Functions can be set via a PC using the optional parameter setup kit. A function lock enables administrators to prevent errors due to incorrect setting. By making measurement simpler but more sophisticated and accurate, Mitutoyo contributes to the continual evolution of manufacturing through its precision measuring technology.

Key Features
[Common Specifications for the three new models]


Equipped with a reliable absolute linear encoder and peak-value holding with a sampling frequency of 50 times per sec.
The absolute linear encoder eliminates worry about measurement interruption or incorrect counting due to overspeed errors.
Sampling is performed 50 times per second to ensure accurate acquisition of peak values. Both runout and maximum/minimum values are measured simultaneously, so current maximum/minimum values can be confirmed along with the amount of runout (the bore gage type only holds the minimum value).


Wide LCD and new analog bar graph are standard on all models
The wide LCD panel contains a new analog bar graph display that makes rapid movement easy to see. The analog display also shows peak/tolerance values as well as the current plunger position.


Simple operation of various functions with five buttons and status icons
There are five operation buttons, positioned and sized for easy operation. The buttons used during measurement are located under the LCD panel. Among these, the most frequently used [START]/[ZERO] button is larger and is centrally located.
With key-assist icons to indicate button operation and status icons displayed on the LCD, function setting is instantly understandable.  All functions can be set via simple operation.


Function setting via PC (Personal Computer)
By using the parameter setup kit (optional), all functions can be set via a PC. With the PC, it is possible to set all the functions either separately or collectively. Reading and checking the setup of the indicator, setting the function lock, etc., are also possible, in addition to setting management by specific administrators, including prevention of incorrect operation, limiting setting changes to authorized administrators.


Abundant accessories
Enriched plunger lifting functions are supported, and numerous accessories including a variety of contact points and back lids in common with dial gauges, various kinds of stands, data handling products, etc. are also available.

(6) An inspection certificate report with inspection data collected at the time of shipment is included as standard.


[Calculation model ID-C112RX]
• By combining a measurement jig and calculation, a large outside diameter, radius of curvature, hole diameter, groove width, etc. can be measured directly
without the need for conversion tables.
• By setting a spindle displacement coefficient, a calculated value can be displayed.
         Formula: Ax’+B+Cx’-1 (x’=x+offset value entered)
•  Resolution is selectable in 12 steps, which makes the displayed digits easy to read.
•  Peak-value holding and GO/±NG judgment are also provided.
•  Measurement jigs designed to suit various applications can be manufactured on request.


Application example of Calculation model ID-C112RX

[Peak-value hold model ID-C112AX]
•  This model detects and holds the runout and maximum/minimum values of plunger displacement.
•  GO/±NG judgment is available for held peak values.
•  Simple calculation function enables display of 0.5 times, 2.0 times, etc. using the formula Ax.

[Bore gage model ID-C112GX]
•  Exclusively designed for bore gages, this model has the minimum value detection and holding functions.
•  The held minimum position can be replaced with a preset value, thereby reducing the workload for setting the gauge to a master value.
•  A measured value memory function is provided (capable of storing up to 9 measured values).

ID-C112GX.jpg Application example for the Bore Gage model ID-C112GX


Key Specifications

Type/Model Calculation Model Peak-Value Hold Model Bore Gage Model
Order No. *1 543-340B 543-300 543-300B 543-310B
Measuring range 12.7mm
Magnification and linearity (overall)   0.003mm or less
Hysteresis 0.002mm or less
Repeatability 0.002mm or less
Display rotate 330°
Resolution (selectable) 12 steps 2 steps (0.001mm / 0.01mm)
Analog bar display ±20 scales
Functions Preset Three Preset values (P1, P2 and P3) can be set and stored.
Tolerance Judgment Four sets of upper and lower limits (P1, P2, P3 and INC) can be set and stored. Three sets of upper and lower limits (P1, P2 and P3) can be set and stored.
Peak detection TIR、Max、Min Min
Calculation Displayed value = Ax’+B+Cx’-1 (x' = plunger displacement + offset) Ax -
Others Display value HOLD Measurement data memory (9 measurement results can be stored), Display value HOLD
Data output Digimatic
Input from PC (Dedicated I/F) Yes
Key lock (set from instrument or PC) Yes
Parameter lock (set from PC) Yes
Detection method Capacitance-type absolute linear encoder
Response speed Unlimited
Normal mode 10 times / sec. 10 times / sec.
Peak detection mode FAST mode OFF 50 times / sec.
FAST mode ON 50 times / sec.
Power supply CR2032×1
Battery life (Normal use) Approx. 1 year
Type of back Flat With a lug Flat Flat
Net weight 170 g 180 g 170 g 170 g

*1:  There are Inch/Metric models in addition to Metric models in the list above